These 5 Popular Apps Built With React Native

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React Native is a cross-platform native mobile app development using JavaScript framework for writing real and natively rendering applications for iOS and Android. Written using the mixture of JavaScript and XML-esque markup it uses JSX as its extension.

It helps you build mobile applications using the React Native components. Which are further compiled into the native apps that are identical to the apps written using native tools. The major benefit React Native provides is that with the use of this web developers can write mobile applications giving the best UI and UX design.

Exposing the JavaScript interfaces for API platforms React Native can access all mobile features like phone camera, locations, etc.

It is one of the most powerful, fast, reliable, and scalable cross-platform development tools.

To learn about React Native in detail go through our blogs of Why React Native Future of Mobile application, Difference Between React Native and ReactJSon our website.

With its flexibility and performance in work, it became highly popular programming language used by the world’s top leading industries for developing their mobile apps.

Some of the top mobile applications that are built using the React Native programming language are:

Facebook and Its Ads Manager

It is the first React Native app with the highest popularity. With a clean interface and good UX designs, it got highly popular among users. Offering various animations and transitions it created the most beautiful framework with multiple features to use.

With two such examples – Facebook and Ads Manager is getting used by millions of people today. Ads Manager was the first cross-platform created for the company. And the result received was tremendous, Facebook became the biggest social networking site for connecting with each other.


Designed with easy to use and maintain, this famously popular app called Instagram is made using React Native technology. Today you would hardly find any smartphone without this app. Not among youngsters but this easy social connecting app is popular among all the age groups of people. It’s simple and easy to use UI design makes it easy for users to adopt. React Native provided it easy maintenance for both Android and iOS platforms.

After facebook it the second most popular React Native app. Showing good visualizing content this app is great in interacting with the users. Though there occurred many problems in its development but due to the use of React Native programming, the app showed great success.


You are very well aware of the app Uber which further developed another React Native mobile app called UberEats. With the use of this app users can order food online and get it delivered at their place. You can even look for your favorite cuisine places in your local area within few clicks. Providing easy UX users can easily order and track their order using the real-time location. Although the app possesses only a little contribution of React Native it is great in delivering what it is meant for.


It is one of the most popular telecommunication applications specialized for providing video chat, messages, audio, and video calls. Using this app no matter how distant a person is they can easily make audio or video calls to connect with each other. Though the app faced lots of difficulties initially with the start of the year 2017 it became highly good and famous through its services or work.

With the use of React Native, Skype’s performance got highly improved. With the help of React Native Skype introduced many new features benefitting the app. After iOS and Android Microsoft used React Native not only for mobile platforms but also for Windows desktop app.


Myntra is one of India’s leading fashion e-commerce company. Offering hundreds of brands it is perfectly good with its user experience. The app is used for making online shopping using your most mobile convenient tool. Presenting amazing catalogs, profiles, and order placements, the app is offering amazing UI and UX for both Android and iOS.  

Using this app user can explore and purchase latest trends they wish to buy from the clothing store for Kurtis, sarees, shoes, t-shirts, jackets, jeans, bags, skirts, dresses, jewelry, watches, wallets, footwear, home furnishing and much more.


With the above-given examples, you can clearly see how important React Native is and how creatively you can use it to design your own custom applications. However, these are just a few of them, other than these there are many more famously running React Native apps that leading in the world. Bringing a wide range of possibilities it is highly successful and popular with its work. Read out our more services on React Native.

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