10 Rules of Social Media Engagement

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Maintaining a social media presence is one of the first steps towards broadcasting your brand name. While numbers play an important role in a successful social media campaign, it isn’t the only measure of success. The true essence of ensuring that your presence counts for something is to create and maintain an important dialogue with your followers.

One of the main things that really attract followers is fresh, original, and relatable content. This is also important in winning their trust. Many companies and businesses fail in terms of having a good social media presence mostly because they are only focused on self-promotion and rely heavily on general responses. The key is to listen to the audience and then give them what they want. Therefore, actively responding to them is very necessary.

The customer service for your social media must be customer driven. When a follower reaches out to you, you must be prepared to listen, respond, and provide help in any way possible. Social media engagement by a business is an important piece of providing a good customer experience. It is always smart to anticipate certain general responses when it comes to inquiries on social media.

The following are ten common rules that must be kept in mind while coming up with a reply on social media :

1. Make sure you respond at the earliest

Giving out a response to your followers is the first rule of maintaining social media engagement. Whether the inquiry or comment is good or not, it is a good practice to send in replies. The point is to create a dialogue which will allow an organization to build trust with its followers. As per recent surveys, a constant lack of response directly translates into saying, ‘we don’t care about you.’ So, it is always for the best to send in replies. Let the customers know that their concerns have been heard and that attempts have been made to address them.

2. Have a prepared response and statement

There may be many times when there are certain factors which can prevent businesses and organizations from giving prompt responses. It could be for many reasons, like the fear of harming their reputation and other such. In such cases, the best and possibly the ideal situation is to have some already drafted general responses which have been already approved. However, the key is to give out new information to the viewers. There is no point in saying what can be easily found anywhere else. So, address the substance of the comment while also staying true to your organizations’ objectives, priorities, and goals.

3. Be consistent

Consistency always brings more customers. It is the ground rule of maintaining good social media engagement with the followers. Therefore, it must be kept in mind that every client representative is on the same side when it comes to giving out replies on social media. If the followers get different responses regarding the same questions, or a different kind of service depending on whom they speak with, a lot of harm can come to your company’s name and reputation. Therefore, it is always useful and commonly recommended, that in such cases there are certain generic responses which can be automatically relied on for common questions and inquiries. This will not only be helpful in maintaining the efficiency of your organization in giving out social media responses but also conserves time.

4. Track social media activity

Keeping track of social media activities is important in maintaining your relationship with your followers. Tracking social activities will go a long way in helping an organization in serving its customers better. Every form of social interaction with the customer must be kept in the records, which can be used later for delivering an even better client experience. Further, such records also help for future reference as well as employee training.

5. Be friendly

Attempts must be made by organizations to make digital interactions with their followers as human as possible. It is recommended to be friendly, pleasant and all in all, someone with whom connections can be easily made. It is an obvious fact that people like talking with other people, not robots who give out prepared machine responses. At the same time, be respectful and polite in your conversations. Make sure that you keep such interactions in line with the theme of your company.

6. Engage with others’ social media handles

Engagement is a very important tool for measuring your social media success. The best way to engage is to interact with other people regarding their social media content. Be demonstrative and considerate in this activity; provide your thoughts and comments. This will provide you with a great opportunity to cultivate your interactions with other competitors, followers, etc.

7. Defuse controversy

There will always be people, parties, or groups who will not agree with you and may even post negative content. In such cases, it is important to conduct yourself in an honorable manner and make efforts to defuse the controversy. While such negative comments must be generally ignored, you can also always respond to them in an objective manner stating your side of the story.

8. Hang out where your customers are

The entire point of maintaining a social media presence is to broadcast your business to your target audience and gain more followers. Therefore, it would be good practice to be on those sites and apps on which your intended customers are using.

9. Build an army of advocate

Networking on your social media site is a great way to broadcast your business. It will give you an opportunity to collaborate with other people having similar interests. If your content is original, then it will encourage people to use your content in their engagements as well.

10. Measure the effectiveness

Businesses must rely on social media interactions to map their customer ratings and experiences. This will allow them to formulate strategies and basically come up with better ways of engaging their followers and satisfying customers.


There are various other aspects that need to be focused on, but some of the above-mentioned rules will help you interact with potential customers and broaden your bases. We hope that these questions will help you in hiring an efficient social media marketing agency. We, at Socinova serve over 100+ clients each year from every part of the globe. We’re proud to say that we’ve made outsourcing social media management easier and available to everyone. For efficient services, visit our website and get in touch soon!

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