The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide In 2020

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Digital Marketing is a genuine business-growth machine and any business that successfully runs it can be a winner in today’s modern world. The main thing to understand is that it does not give ground-breaking results overnight. There are numerous Digital Marketing Models and you can choose any of these models according to your customers’ requirements and preferences.

Small and large businesses use a wide range of digital channels such as content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and search engines to carry out Customer Experience Marketing activities.

A Beginner’s Guide To Digital Marketing Models

Corporations are expending a lot of money on promotions using digital technologies in 2019 and with mobiles becoming a fundamental part of the consumer’s life, it will just expand in the upcoming time.

Nonetheless, as per a report by smart insights, forty-nine percent of companies lack a proper and well-defined digital marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimisation

It is among the essential sources of increasing the number of visitors to your website. It is a process of improving the website with a pertinent landing page, pertinent keywords, convenient map-readings, and significant writing for ensuring that the website shows at the top in the search engine results.

It results in the visitors from search engines to the website that has more relevance than the advertisements because commonly people believe more in organic search engine results.

Also, Seo Expert Services serve as a door to other digital marketing plans such as email marketing, content marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing.

In search engine optimisation, 3 groups are included: You, Google and your reader. Your part in the process is to make as clear and appealing content to make the visitors stay on the website for a longer period. Google’s task is to categorize the blogs or websites that contain the most instructive and useful content.

How does Google perform this task?

If bots read your content and corresponds it with a large number of keywords and look over the right place of the article. Also, it corresponds it with a number of other relevant keywords (known as long-tail keywords) to check if the article really relates to the topic.

Afterwards, Local Seo Expertlooksforany other website links within the article and calculates its authority over other results for that keyword. If the good quality links are greater, it increases the page authority. Good quality links are essential because each link on a specific website or a page is not useful for search engine optimisation. Seo Expertsconcentrate more on having in-content links to their page from valuable sites.

Search Engine Marketing

While in search engine optimization, one concentrates on having organic visitors, search engine marketing involves the tasks that include getting visitors by paid search listings.

According to a large number of people, search engine marketing is an umbrella term that also involves search engine optimization (it is correct theoretically), it’s not the same practically. Search engine marketing is a purchase concentrated marketing plan that includes putting financed pieces at the top of search engine result pages. You can also hire the Best SEO Company In India to get your work done.

Email Marketing

From the viewpoint of Return on Investment, for each pound spent, email marketing makes thirty-eight pounds. That’s why it’s the most famous digital marketing means and is utilized by eighty-two percent of B2B and B2C corporations.

Advertisements get flooded all over the television, internet and market. A clearly described email marketing plan is forty times more useful in acquiring a consumer than Twitter and Facebook campaigns combined.

What is the meaning of a clearly described email marketing campaign?

It means utilizing specific emails for communicating with the consumers, making a bond with them, letting them know about the latest offerings, and politely asking them to give it a try or buy them.

Emails make a fundamental part of digital marketing. Digital Marketing Agency Nottingham

usually provide free courses, free trials or free credit to new customers for collecting advantages and by proper email marketing plans, change the advantages into sales.

Content Marketing

If someone is new and wants goods results of digital marketing efforts, he/she must know the secret of digital marketing:

  1. Effective offerings result in more consumers
  2. More consumers result in more leads
  3. More leads result in more sales

Content marketing is a tactical digital marketing step which concentrates on making, issuing, and delivering worthy, appropriate and accordant content to entice more consumers, to create a strong bond with them and assure them that your brand is trustable.

Marketing Agency Nottingham offers a content marketing campaign that is not a properly written pitch for selling things. Instead, it includes writing content about the product including its advantages, disadvantages, uses, tips and tricks, its reality and other details.

Social Media Marketing

This is a new marketing strategy that includes social media websites for promoting services and products. Via social media marketing, one connects and promotes the products according to Customer Experience Marketing Strategy that is very famous and contains billions of active users; social media.

Twitter has about three-hundred and thirty million active users. Facebook has more than two billion active users. Your target audience is also using these social media websites. This marketing includes the utilization of both paid and unpaid promotion plans for reaching and engaging with the target audience.

Web Design And Development companies make the use of pictures, videos, stories, pins, texts, hashtags etc. for keeping the people occupied, increasing the awareness regarding the product and the brand, collecting leads, and converting them into sales.

How To Plan A Digital Marketing Campaign?

Creating a digital marketing plan that utilizes less number of resources and makes more conversions is difficult. This type of plan not only includes so much research but also a proper and impartial utilization of digital marketing tools. The following is a theoretical procedure which is helpful in campaigning What Is Customer Experience In Marketing.

Identify Your Target Market

Market segmentation and identifying the target audience are the crucial elements of digital marketing. It is a huge market and finding out who will want to try and buy one’s offerings provides a good head-start. Find out and gain knowledge from companies which as have the same products, release an MVP, or take the help of a consultancy organization for identifying the correct market for the brand. For example, SEO agency, Restoration Rocket solely focuses on companies within the disaster restoration industry. Their clients are usually established businesses looking to scale. The owners may want to scale to build personal wealth or to be able to afford additional staff and equipment. Regardless of the reason, these businesses understand the need for marketing and can afford to make the investment into SEO. 

Set A Measurable Objective

Have a simple but measurable objective such as maximization in the sales of the product, increase in leads, increase in brand engagement.

Make A Marketing Funnel For Achieving The Objective

A marketing funnel is a beginning to end strategy that involves a wholesome utilization of every digital marketing tool. Same as a real funnel, it shows the journey of the buyer from understanding to actually buying the product.

The marketing funnel orbits around the conception that marketers distribute a huge lattice for catching hold of a large number of leads and slowly fostering consumers via appropriate plans although the numbers decrease along with each step.

Application Of AIDA Model To Digital Marketing

If someone is new to digital marketing, he/she may think where they should begin and how will they get recognized among all the online businesses.

The fundamental rules of marketing don’t change whether someone is online or offline. The well-established Digital Marketing Model“AIDA” can assist in one’s digital marketing activities and increase the number of potential consumers to buy their product.

The AIDA Marketing Model explains the steps a purchaser undergoes while determining to buy.

It’s an abbreviation which stands for:

Attention–Grabing attention of the potential consumer to make them aware of the product and company.

Interest– Developing interest in the offerings so that the audience wishes to know more.

Desire– Making them have a strong desire to purchase from your company instead of your rival.

Action– Making them directly interact with your services and products and purchase from you.

Typically, using the Marketing Models includes plans like promotion on the television or radio or distributing pamphlets or discount coupons. Now promoting online gives numerous chances to reach potential buyers. Many times these latest strategies allow companies to talk with the purchasers directly on platforms like social media.

The followings are a few strategies one can utilize while applying the AIDA model to their digital marketing.


The first stage in AIDA is to get attentiveness of the prospective consumer.

Being actively present online is essential for corporations these days as a lot of purchasing begins on the internet. Thus, this is the place where one can gain people’s attention.

For instance, somebody who wants to adorn his/her house may start to look for creative ideas and new trends on social media.

You want consumers to find your website when they look for information related to your brand online. So it is beneficial to invest time in executing search engine optimization best practice to make sure that your brand appear in search engine result pages.

Having the correct information when one’s corporation appears on search engine result pages is very important. For instance, adding Google reviews and information like your opening times and address in local searches can assist you in standing out.

Another method of boosting your brand recognition is to utilize Pay Per Click Agency

to make your brand appear at the very top of the search result pages. It will make you more visible even when your advertisements are not clicked by the people. Similarly, paid social advertising makes the brand more popular.

It’s also beneficial to have a social media and digital PR plan to make your brand famous on the sites your consumers have visited before.

Briefly, getting your consumer’s attention is a matter of being viewed in the correct place at the correct time.


Once consumers know your brand, you need to arouse their interest. The second stage in Digital Marketing Model(AIDA) is providing consumers with helpful and engrossing information.

At this time, you are still gaining the confidence of consumers and trying to show why you are the best choice for them.

It’s not the time for aggressive salesmanship. Instead, you should be clear about how you can assist them. To be successful in this, you must have a lucid apprehension of your consumers’ requirements. Respond to any query they have at this time and make it lucid how your service or product is different and useful.

Seminars conducted over the internet and electronic books are helpful contents to make at this stage, particularly for B2B marketing. Content which provides them solutions to their issues brings fruitful results at this stage.

Intriguing content which exhibits your skills in an appealing way can also be helpful in holding their interest. It can be done via blog posts. If done properly, it can assist in making a bond between the consumer and the brand.


When consumers have an interest in your brand, you do not want them to lose their interest or let them think about any other brand. In the third stage of Aida Model Marketing, you have to convert their interest into a desire of purchasing your product.

A good method of sustaining and building on their interest is getting them to subscribe to your newsletter and keep them notified about your product and brand via email.

If they are interested enough to follow you on social media, utilize the platform for showing the uses and advantages of your product.

It can be done by sharing user-created content. Seeing what your brand is doing for others can assist in creating the desire of purchasing your product.

Feedbacks, recommendations, and a record of research can assist in creating desire. Getting information directly from your present consumers can be really effective to convince new potential purchasers and to invest in your product.


 In AIDA Model, the last obstacle to deal with is making the new potential consumers purchase from your company.  That’s when you have to directly interact with them and make it convenient for them to take action.

Do not let the consumers work hard at this time as you could still lose them. For instance, if your system of payment is old-fashioned, you must make it better. You may still have to face a rival and if their payment system is better and easy then it will be a disadvantageous for you.

Other Digital Marketing Models

The following four models cover nearly every business:

1. The Branding Model

Companies that choose a branding model are mostly in the customer product or retail space. The objective is to maximize control and commitment by developing brand ownership. These corporations concentrate on a line-up of digital points of contact or interaction that unlock various paths to connect with the company. Organizations belonging to this class concentrate less on typical push schemes or direct promoting, like paid adverts such as Google Adwords and direct sales.

The best instance of a strong Digital Brander is the energy drink corporation, Red Bull. This company’s target audience is enthusiastic adolescents and its scheme is to become a family name within this particular population. Branding Model recognizes and afterwards develops digital experiences around what the target audience cares about. It makes a group of active users who are persuaded to share and interact with this content.

For instance, look at several supports of Red Bull like BMX racing and Grand Prix. Customers happily share videos of those events which are full of adventures.

What Can You Do?

Companies which line up with this Digital Marketing Modelmust concentrate on:

  1. Consumer’s character/image
  2. Organizing personalized content
  3. Offering a cross-channel experience
  4. Emphasizing on social impact.

Brand Marketing is not only spreading your name. You have to present your offerings in front of the right audience with the correct message.

There are many methods of doing this. You can engage a social media influencer for influencer marketing activities, or you can hire a Brand Marketing Agency.

Whatever you do, be clear about your target market and do it lawfully. Misguiding or deceiving adverts can damage your brand.

2. The Customer Experience Model

This model is created to deliver higher-level consumer service at various points of contact and interaction customers may have with the corporation. This wholesome experience develops a faithful consumer base that not just come back to the company but also eager to recommend and suggest your products to others. Clearly, these Consumer Experience Designers are service-based industries.

Airlines use this particular model continuously from the time you buy a ticket until the end of the journey in the plane. They recognize your requirements and make a personalized experience – relaxation and amusement, food and beverages and services like booking tours or making reservations at hotels etc. ticket can be booked online via their application on the mobile or by calling them. Airlines are also famous for having large-scale training programs to result in better customer service.

If one wants their company to become a Consumer Experience Designer, they should concentrate on:

  1. Developing a continuous cross-channel experience
  2. Dividing the consumer base
  3. Examining the conduct of customers
  4. Innovating.

Customer Experience Marketing designers must meet the customers’ expectations. As distinct characters of consumers have distinct expectations, you have to divide the clients to apprehend their requirements and worries. After identifying the potential consumers and their expectations, you must work to meet those expectations.

You will have to introduce new ideas to keep on providing a smooth and continuous experience. For instance, as technology grows, clients may want latest and convenient methods to book your business. You may also want to use technology as a source for your customers to recommend your brand more.

3. The Lead Generation Model

Companies are busy in utilizing Marketing Modelsto play the numbers game – focusing and working hard to fill the top of their funnel by using lead generation scheme. The goal of this model is to introduce as much audience and leads as possible to their company on each of their channels. Demand Generators do relatively less work in selecting and organizing emotional connections and experiences.

Retailers generally utilize this Lead Generation Business Model. For instance, in Australia, Woolworth’s liquor chain Dan Murphy’s accounts for forty-six percent of the online liquor market and it is the most important site of strong drinks for audience and sales in the country. Their online services involve each and everything from their site to their application and to the social media properties and each of these platforms is prepared to push sales. All of these are coordinated with their click-and-collect option.

Strong lead generation companies have some similar subject matters which are as follow:

  1. Focus on calculating details
  2. Utilizing details for making immediate and nimble trials
  3. Identifying targets based on consumers’ characters
  4. Offering a cross-channel experience.

If you consider your company to be suitable for lead generation model, you should pay attention to the statistics. Which platform in bringing in more audience? Have you done something distinctly between two adverts?  Was the sudden surge in the demands from the customers due to a specific time of the day?

You should make yourself ready to trace anything which can provide you with useful information. You should utilize the obtained information for driving decisions in the upcoming time while always having the consumers at the front of your mind.

There are several distinct lead generation schemes which can be executed for bringing in more audience, involving:

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Content marketing
  3. Google AdWords
  4. Advertising on websites or applications
  5. Paid advertising on social media (Twitter, Facebook)

4. The Innovation Model

Among different Digital Marketing Models, the innovation model is the least common among the four models, it is equally successful. Innovation Modelutilizes digital marketing in order to collect customer intuitions and convert these intuitions into improved products and services. Digital marketing is utilized for increasing the income, products and service provisions and, resultantly the worth of the corporation in the future.

The digital application Tinder is an eerie instance of an organization which successfully utilized the Innovation Process Modelfor its benefit. Tinder became popular because it is easy to use and understand having swipe-right and swipe-left feature. Formerly, the user could just swipe right to a person once if he/she liked them. This feature appealled a lot of users.

By collecting user information through application feedback, Tinder was capable of rolling out a monetization model known as Tinder Plus that allowed the users to swipe again or go back a swipe to a specific individual they wished for.

To become a Product Innovator, you should focus on the following:

  1. Introducing new ideas
  2. Calculating statistics
  3. Dividing the consumer base.

Introducing new ideas and calculating statistics go side by side. Web Design Agency Nottingham will work towards monitoring your social profiles, feedback, reviews, and studies to find out what intuitions the customers are commonly having. Along with making the product and services better, the statistics can also be utilized for enhancing the user experience. 

Are These Digital Marketing Models Mutually Exclusive?

While taking into consideration mutual exclusivity, you may think of one of the followings:

  1. Are these models related to particular industries?
  2. Can I utilize just one model for my company?

Briefly, it is up to your situations on which model you select. They are not related to any particular industry nor are you restricted to any. It is probable for the whole industry to have distinct digital marketing models.

It’s also hard to see how a retailer that might have lead generations as its centre of interest could entirely disregard consumer experience. It’s probable to have aspects of multiple Marketing Models embedded in the company procedures.

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