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Top 7 Latest Technologies for IT Industry in 2019

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Before five years or ten years ago technologies were limited, no one used to smartphones and smart devices but nowadays technology is growing in every field especially in the IT industry. With the introduction of smartphones and smart devices several new technologies established and it has been affecting in IT Industry so at this point it would be essential to aware about latest technology trends to get new technological purposes.

1. Blockchain

Blockchain introduced in 2018, and first, it was only used for cryptocurrency but nowadays used by the public sector, government sector, banking sector, and other sectors. Although, maybe you are aware of blockchain, it is technology that used to transform information from A to B in a fully automated and safe manner. Moreover, blockchain is today used in the mobile application, software development and integration in the other technology. So not only to IT industry but it will transform several industries in the upcoming years.

2. Digital Wallet

Digital wallet means you can transfer money over electronic transactions whether it is online shopping or local store or coffee shop, in any place you can easily transfer money with a digital wallet. Currently, the most popular digital wallet is Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal where you can transfer money safely without leaking any information. In the upcoming years, the digital wallet would be more popular than other payment options. So in the IT industry whether you are creating transaction or e-commerce application you need to be updated for digital wallet.

3. Artificial Intelligence

In the upcoming years, you will see a growth in artificial intelligence technology (AI). Mostly AI is the trending in the mobile world as today most of the mobile comes with the AI application one of the best examples is that new Android operating system that uses an app Actions machine learning to suggest apps to users based on their habits. So with those trends, it would be necessary for the IT industry to stay updated in mobile app development.

4. Voice Search

Today most of technology using a voice search whether it is a Amazon Alexa, Google assistant or siri, even 20% of Google searches performed by voice, so it is clear that how much voice search will be popular in upcoming days. And that is affected in the IT industry in the mobile app development and website development category. You need to be updated about voice search.

5. Cloud App Development

Cloud-based application trending nowadays as it has a better-streamlined operation, collaboration and increased productivity. One of the primary benefits is that application not taking a high loading time because it is not run from the local memory, it stored on the server and run from there that is beneficial for an application developer and owner to create could based mobile app.

6. Chatbot

A chatbot is considering one of the important trending factors nowadays because it helps to instantly connect with the customers. “According to statistics %65 of consumers are interacting with chatbots in 2018”. So you can imagine how much it is beneficial for the owner and IT companies to integrate a chatbot into the mobile application and website. Especially, when it comes to integrating with a mobile application it will be beneficial for application owner and consumers.

7. VR/ AR

You may be aware of augmented reality and virtual reality, “According to G2 Crowd Augmented reality market was valued at around %3.33 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach approximately $133.78 billion in 2021”. And when talking about virtual reality, “according to a new report by Greenlight Insights, which is also predicting that global VR revenues will total close to $75 billion by 2021.” So you can imagine how much popular is AR and VR, and how much it will be. Most part of AR and VR affecting in mobile app development, so for the IT industry it is a dramatic improvement that will take in the completely new world in upcoming years.


We have seen trending technological improvement that is most affected in the IT industry in mobile application development. So these all trends you have to consider and you have to aware of it to develop next level mobile application.

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