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We are accepting guest posting contents related to digital marketing, Travel, Business, Programming, Technology, Lifestyle and other more.

If you are a professional writer or writing is your hobby then you can write for the above categories. But before writing for howtodetect.com blog, you should follow our guest posting guidelines.

You can Write For

Programming: If you are a programmer and you have something informative then write and submit on howtodetect.com. We are accepting all types of articles related to programming and their platforms. You can write related to WordPress, Magento, CSS, HTML, PHP, Laravel or other programming languages and platforms.

Digital Marketing: We know how much digital marketing articles being important today for businesses and personal recommendations. So if you are a marketing expert and you want to share your personal opinions, you can write and get published on Howtodetect.com. You can address content related to SEO, social media, PPC, Social media paid marketing and others.

Technology: We love technology and inventions, so if you are a technology lover and good writer then you can submit a technology related content on our blog Howtodetect.com. We are accepting all types of content related to technology.

Travel: If you are traveling enthusiastic or something want to tell about traveling, you can write and get published on our blog. You can write articles related to travel ideas, news and other more. Once we verify the content, we instantly get published on our blog Howtodetect.com

Business: If you are a business mind and skilled businessmen and if you want to share the ideas, write for Howtodetect.com. We are accepting all types of articles related to businesses such as business news, ideas, benefits, growth, and other information.

LifeStyle: Each person has their own styles, So if you want to share your personal opinion about Lifestyle and fashion, submit content on Howtodetect.com. Although, if you are a health expert and doctor, you can share health-related information on our blog. We are very serious about the health category, first of our content team will review the health content and if it looks genuine then and only then we published content on our blog.

Our Guest Posting Guidelines

Content-Length: it should be more than 1000 Words otherwise we will not approve it
Blog Image: You must Submit a minimum of One image with blog content
Informative Content: We are only publishing content that users love to read, so we are not promoting promotional content, For promotional content, you can visit: https://www.howtodetect.com/contact-us/
Content Review: We are reviewing each of the articles before it’s going live on the website so we may do some changes to the article according to our website requirements.
Author Bio: Please not write an author bio or not mention any link because we are not allowing it on our website blog post
Do Follow Link: We are allowing do follow the link in the content but it completely depends on content quality, if the content is not good as we want then we can mention remove or mark it as no follow.

How to Publish your blog

1. Signup and Login

Step 1: Create Account on this page: https://www.howtodetect.com/submit-guest-post/

Step 2: After Signup we will email you password, open that link and enter new password(Note: Choose Strong Password)

Step 3:  Once you generate password try to do login on this page: https://www.howtodetect.com/login/

2. How You can Publish Content

Step 1:  Click on Dashboard and read our guest posting guidelines

Step 2:  Now click on “Posts” Left under the menu

Step 3: Click on “Add New” or “+ New link

Step 4: Now paste title  Over “Add Title” option and then Paste Body content below it.

Step 5: Add image under the body content

Step 6: Now Click on “publish” then “Submit for review” option

All done,  We will review your content  and let you know Status.

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