What Are Motion Graphics? Top 5 Motion Graphics Design Tricks

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Motion graphics, often known as motion design, is a kind of animation that gives the impression of movement or motion. Motion graphics has evolved from an emerging trend to a widely accepted norm in recent years. When it comes to brand awareness, the typical customer now wants something beyond simply static graphics. Consider some recent ads you might have seen, there are chances that they might have some type of motion graphics incorporated in them. Most individuals believe that animations have extremely limited commercial potential. Motion graphics can take numerous forms. Major corporations are now embracing motion graphics to quickly capture their customers, thanks to the adoption of animation in the masses. There may be several questions related to the motion graphics that might cross your mind, however, let’s start with the types of motion graphics available, if you keep reading, this shall answer almost everything you need to know.

1. UI Animations

Short online marketing videos used to explain a company’s product or service include UI/UX animations. They are, however, remarkable in that they almost exactly mimic the user interface being described. This means that there are relatively few extra features beyond what the user might expect from the app or website itself. They are quite interesting and almost exactly mimic the user interface being described. At Sprouto Graphics the artists can transform precise images of your application or website’s UI into an exciting interactive experience, including any existent recordings for a seamless experience.

Quick Tip: The animation must clearly demonstrate and serve the purpose.  A good animation should assist the user in achieving their goal while also emphasising the outcome.

2. Animated Logos

The creation and promotion of brand awareness is one of the most significant roles of a logo. This is one of the primary reasons why businesses opt for an animated logo. Consumers find animated logos more memorable and recognisable than static ones. Creating an animated logo is simple now. Just by using the basic motion graphics techniques, you can design an animated logo that makes you stand out of the crowd and relevant to your brand. Are you looking at getting some really interesting animated logos? Sprouto is a highly creative motion graphic design animation company in Manchester, specializing in delivering creative and innovative solutions to your graphics requirements.  

Quick tip: Gradually change pieces into each other to pique your audience’s interest. This strategy allows you to show off multiple symbols in a single short clip.


You share them on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other social media and share them with your near ones and coworkers: GIFs are one of the most common forms of motion graphics. While many GIFs are created from live-action footage, some are created particularly for use as GIFs. We are all aware that GIF animations are extremely useful and powerful on social networking sites. Furthermore, they are quick to create. By using the easy motion graphic techniques you can respond to users on social media if you want to come out as friendly, positive, and straightforward and can create as many GIFs as you want. 

Quick Tip: Videos must be less than 100MB in size and under 15 seconds in length.

4. Infographics

An infographic is a visual representation of complicated information that uses graphic logic to make it easier to understand. No one really likes staring into an ocean of stats and statistics; however, an infographic can contextualise data and save us from sinking in an ocean of statistics. However, infographics can be overly complicated at moments, failing to attract the viewer’s attention as effectively as it should. This is particularly important for those you intend to share on social media. However, using infographics, will keep your viewer’s attention on the relevant topics. As a result, you’ll be able to convey information exactly as you want.

Quick Tip: Use a different font in the title and headers than in the body of the infographic.

5. How to or instruction Videos

How-to videos receive a lot of traffic and can assist customers decide whether or not to buy a product. As a result, every brand should include this in their marketing efforts. The growing use of video in education has also proven one thing: there is no limit to how many students can be connected. Following music and trending dances video content, educational information is currently the most popular on the internet. How-to videos are useful even after you’ve purchased something. As a consumer, do you appreciate instruction manuals or a fast how-to video? Obviously, the video is superior. We suggest every company to use motion graphics techniques and create relevant videos. However, it is technical to get them done on your own initially. If you are looking at establishing your brand and connecting with more audience, you can start with learning on how to create basic instruction videos and gradually progress towards advanced ones. 

Quick Tip: Establish a clear learning aim by knowing about your target audience and their concerns.

Utilize Motion Graphics for Your Brand 

Are you ready to bring your brand to life with animated visual content? With our exclusive offers and packages, you can create the best user experience for your customers and make your brand stand out of the crowd. We’ve brought in the best motion graphics and animation artists from across the world, and put them through proper training as well. So don’t wait any longer and produce motion graphics or an animated video that will effectively tell your tale to the rest of the world!

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