The 7 Types Of Graphic Design in 2022

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Are you an experienced graphic designer or have you just started out designing? Each designer should know how many types of graphic designs are available in the market. Although Not all graphic designers are experienced in all types of design, he/she needs to be creative and imaginative to be a perfect graphic designer. 

When you design anything like a social media banner you just think of how it is going to look, and how it can attract the viewers, you just need to combine creativity and visualization, right? Equal ideas apply in other design categories, just you need to keep in mind for what purpose you are creating the design and how it is going to attract the viewers. Just learn some differentiation and you will be a master in all.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic design involves editing an image on photoshop, designing a business logo or creating social media banners but this is not limited here this is just promo of large movies. Everything that you find around you is part of the designing whether it’s the website you are searching for or packaging of your online order, all things the part of a designing. 

When you create a design you need to speak to yourself how it is going to look, if it looks creative, does it communicate effectively? All these questions help you to create a perfect designing model. Moreover if you just started out recently and everything is going bounce from your mind then you can read articles and check out some youtube videos for designing principles. 

Let’s get started on types of graphic designing.

1. Branding

In the successful business the branding plays a vital role whether it’s a business card or packaging, logo or anything else. Branding is a visual identity that we show to the public audience by creating key elements such as logo, colour scheme, typography and other. And also It’s important that we convey the same branding identity in different platforms whether it’s a local store, online store, social media or business event. 

However, it’s important to maintain consistency from start to end of a design to generate perfect visual identity for a business. Moreover, the branding designer must have knowledge of all types of designing so they convey the right identity of a business to the customers by including their creativity.

2. Advertising & Marketing Design

Currently, advertising and marketing become powerful weapons to target qualified customers. When you scroll your Facebook page and see any business advertisement it’s part of marketing design, when you check out any online website and see ads then it’s part of banner advertising. However, there are several types of advertising and marketing options available like display advertisement banners, social media ads image, Email template design, Outdoor news design, online newspaper ads, and Event advertising. So if you want to grow your design career in 2022 you have to be an expert in all designing types.

But to attract more customers you need a good marketing design that conveys the right message to customers, for example when you are creating an image for Facebook advertising then it’s essential to attract customers by creating images according to customers’ requirements. Moreover, if you are a designer and want to check out some templates and design samples then you can check out some online designing websites like 99designs, and Behance.

By  Pdot

3. Packaging design

Packaging design creates real value in front of the customers, the good design and packaging material enhances product value. Each box, bottle, container tell a story of a brand. Online media becomes more powerful but still packaging plays a vital role and creates physical brand value. Just redesigning packaging design for a business can create real brand value among competitors and also helps to increase sales.

Packaging design requires so much creativity and knowledge to create top notch design, moreover they have specific business industry experience that help designers to create good designs. 

by Arijit81

4. Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphic is the most preferable animation design that holds customers’ attention compared to text graphics. With the Motion graphic animation you can create story telling video, TV shows, Google ads HTML5 video, facebook ads, News ad, product showcase, and do much more. Moreover, compared to text ads and with the video ads you will get more conversions, so you can imagine how video animation has become king in online media. 

There are several software available to learn about motion graphic design such as adobe after effects, Maya, adobe animate and other free software available that you can create animation videos and earn a money. If you want to find out some designing samples then you can find out on Sprouto official website, it is good Unlimited graphic design service agency that creating best motion video for their clients.

by ssMax

5. Website Design

If you are a designer then you have to be an expert in all even graphic design, here i am not talking about creating a website design but here I am talking about UI design. It is a blueprint of a website, with the UI design you can see a real composition of the website, how it is going to look and how you can improve to get more customer engagement. Also helps to create successful responsive design. 

There are several free and paid software available in the market for UI design, like FIGMA, adobe XD and other software you can checkout here.

6. Publishing design

Publishing design means creating a book cover, magazine cover, and book layout. Their primary task is to create an eye-catching design that would be easily readable and eye-catching. You need creative skills and experience to create good publishing designs.

There are several software available in the market like Adobe in design or adobe illustrator to create an attractive design.

By Pdot

7. Event Advertising

Event advertising is a more powerful way to engage live audiences. From the banner to product design everything needs to be created with branding attention. In event advertising, the primary thing is what is your target audience and according to that analysis you have to create an event advertising concept that makes your event seats full.

by ticaxp

Above you have seen the most popular graphic design option available in 2022, So if you are a designer you should be expert in this field, or you can get core knowledge of it, so in the near future if you need or want to grow designing then it will be easy for you to learn.

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