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Top 3 Free WordPress Plug-in That Every Website Should Use

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WordPress is being the best for blog posting and services based website globally. But, what is the WordPress plug-in? It is a great source into the WordPress that help to customize your WordPress website more easy and simplest way. Moreover, Plug-in saves your lots of time and efforts. Currently, WordPress has thousands of free and paid plug-in available that are listed for each type of businesses. However, some plug-in is most common for the particular website. So here, we have shortlisted most popular common type of SEO plug-in that every business should use.

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1. Yoast SEO

If you ask any SEO Expert about SEO plug-in, they mostly prefer Yoast SEO. As today most of the websites need an SEO in Order to grow their business and services. Especially, if you have only basic knowledge of SEO then this plug-in help you to set up WordPress website more easy way as it has functionality to showing errors when typing a meta that checks you have keyword included or not, not only the plug-in but Yoast SEO have their own blog that has solution of each query related to Yoast.

With the help of Yoast, you can set meta title, description and keywords according to an individual page. Moreover, you can also setup dynamic sitemap by allowing it in Yoast setting.

2. Jetpack By Wordperss

Jetpack is another WordPress Plug-in that has multiple features. So you do not need to install multiple Plug-in as it offers multiple functionalities in one plug-in, It saves your website to being slowed down. Jetpack has the following feature.

Easy Website Functionality: With the jetpack, you can create a related post for your blog, share your content to the third-party website, contact forms, and some extra widgets

Website Speed: Today to rank in the search engine you must have high website loading time, and increase website leading time images is the most important factors. So Jetpack has the most interesting features that boost your images and increases the speed easily.

Security:  WordPress is CMS that needs high security, so in the jetpack has the functionality to secure your website, so no one hack your website.

Traffic Stats: It will be good if you know what page or post performs the best for the users,  Jetpack has to functionality that shows your website traffic stats.

3. Woo-Commerce

As I said earlier if you want to create blogging and services based website then Word-press will be a good option, but what would you do if you want to create an E-commerce website with the purchase and sells functionality in Word-Press then the solution is you need to install a Woo-Commerce plug-in.

With the Woo-Commerce, You can create any type of E-commerce Business. In other words, you can sell anything from WordPress website. Woo-Commerce has multiple payment options where the user can do payment with credit card, debit card, net banking or other.

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