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5 Top PHP Development Frameworks in 2019 for PHP Developer

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Are you looking for PHP frameworks that make your work simple and easier? However, there are several PHP frameworks available that you can use for a single page or multi page application. But test each application will be time-consuming so by the analysis and reviewing top PHP developers review here we have mentioned top PHP frameworks that are being popular in 2019.

Comparison of Top PHP Frameworks

To get the real-time trends, we have gone through the Google Trend analysis and finally got a popular framework among the top five PHP development frameworks. As you can see in the above Google trend graph one of the widely used frameworks is Laravel among the top frameworks, and second most used framework is CodeIgniter, then after CakePHP stands at the third position and then Phalcon and Yii stand in the sequences after them. Now, you can get a more detailed idea by checking below important features.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks

1. Laravel

Laravel has been widely used frameworks since the starting among fresher or experienced PHP developers. Moreover, it has more powerful features such as an amazing ORM, painless routing, powerful queue library, and simple authentication that make them one of the best PHP frameworks. Moreover, whether you’re working alone or in a team, these frameworks have powerful synchronization under the Laravel database.


Modern Toolkit: Painless routing, powerful queue library, and easy authentication that give you a modern mountable structure to create a single page or multipage application

Beautiful Syntax: There is no comparison in laravel’s simplicity and readability, every developer will be a fan of these features as it is more comfortable and usable.

Automatic Pagination: This is a more powerful feature in Laravel that automatically apply the setting of proper limit and offset based that viewed by the current user.

2. Codeigniter

It is the second highest PHP framework used by PHP developers. Currently, CodeIgniter is popular because of versatile features and advantages. However, It is one of the best frameworks to create dynamic application from scratch that performs effectively and rapidly. And one of the important things is completely free.


Follow MVC Pattern:  Like other popular frameworks, it follows the MVC pattern that basically separates logic and presentation parts when database action is performed by the model.

Dynamic Library: One of the primary benefits is that it requires a very small library, and even you can add other libraries according to your requirements. It is the reason for CodeIgniter to being fast.

Strong Security:  Also it comes with high-security standard, it means with built-in protection against CSRF and XSS attacks.

Other Features:

  • Session Management
  • Security and XSS Filtering
  • Form and Data Validation
  • Data Encryption

3. CakePHP

It is the third most used framework in 2019 when It comes to creating a simple and faster application with less code.  Even you can use it for the commercial use because it is designed under the MIT license, moreover, you can do Translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication, and much more with CakePHP framework.


MVC Pattern: Again this PHP framework has MVC pattern that supports  data handling, view supports data rendering, controller dynamically responds to events to produce a right functionary for the PHP framework

Class Inheritance: It would be tough when you run several codes and setup multifunction, but now not more with CakePHP because it you to watch and work separately, it not creates any type of confusion.

Manual Plug-ins: One of the primary features of CakePHP is that it allows reusing your code and building an existing feature that is available in the form of Components, Helpers, Behaviors, and Extensions.

4. Phalcon

It is another MVC framework for the PHP developer, it was released on 2012, and most importantly it is open source PHP frameworks so no needs to buy it, any developer can install and use it. Phalcon is implemented as a web server extension written in Zephir and C. One drawback of this framework is root/administrative access required on the server to install phalcon. It has several extraordinary features that make it the fourth popular PHP framework. It is the best for a small, medium and large application.


Less Code: You do not need to write the same code structure again and again, so it requires less amount of code to complete any task.

Fastest Framework: Among the top PHP frameworks, Phalcon is one of the fastest PHP frameworks to complete web application or website development on time.

Design Pattern: There is a number of a design pattern that you can implement in Phalcon such as dependency injection, MVC, HMVC, Active record, event-driven and more.

5. YII

Yii is a fastest, secure and efficient PHP framework used by fresher and experienced PHP developer to develop the single and multipage application. It gives you the number of functionality, also give the security code. You can download this framework from its official website, and it almost supports all major operating system.


Authentication: Yii framework has inbuilt authentication support, like Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) support that makes it a very powerful authentication framework.

Security: Yii is one of the best secure PHP frameworks that prevents being attacked by  SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and cookie tampering   

Validation: With Yii framework validation is too easy, in the process of validation data becomes more easy and simple.    It comes with several inbuilt validator and widgets that help in collecting form input and process it.


We have reviewed all major frameworks and then listed here five popular frameworks by various analysis and developer reviews, now you can install and use these frameworks according to your requirements. With these frameworks, you can create multipage and single page application.      

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