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5 Easy Ways to Make Money While Travelling

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Did you ask yourself how can you earn money while traveling? It looks bite confusing, but once you will clear the ideas, it would be easy for you to earn money. However, during traveling may be several consequences arises to earn money like you want to buy something special or when your budget reaches the limit or when you want to expand your trip or may be other issues. So before you get in any trouble, you should be aware of some common facts to increase your travel budget.

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There are several ways to earn money while traveling, but that will be very tough for you, especially when you are in a new place where you do not know anyone. Do not worry! Here I have mentioned top and simple ideas that help to earn money more easy ways. Let’s discuss it.

1. Start Your Personal Travel Blog

Blogging is a very effective way to earn money, especially for travelers because traveler can share their personal experience and add emotions and attract more visitors. Especially for travelers because traveler can share their personal experience and add emotions and attract more visitors by writing about top places they visited, top things you have done and more of you can include in your travel blog and earn money from it.

But remember that it takes times and hard work to get popularity, and once you get, it would easy to earn money from your blog without working more on that.

There are several ways to earn money from your travel blog like

Paid Links: You can allow other website and blogger to include a link in your website for paid posting

Guest Posting: You can add “write for us” page in your blog and allow content and do follow link and earn money from them

Third Party Advertising:  You can get part in the affiliate program website and display advertising on your blog, so you can receive a commission

Google Adsense setup: One of the best and simple ways to display advertising on your website and earn from it. To setup Google adsense is too easy and if you are not a developer then you can allow the auto ad to display advertising automatically on your blog.

2. Write About Travelling

When you are a traveler, you have too much to explain about traveling by expressing your experience and feelings. So you have the option to be a travel writer and travel freelancer, you can write on the different traveling topic.

Currently, there is hundreds of website who hire content writers online, so you can do your content writing job from your traveling place and earn money. Moreover, you can also send a proposal email to travel software and other related companies to write for them that helps to earn money at a high cost.

These are some of the popular websites to apply for content writing:,, and

3. Be a Freelance in Your Niche Skill

Freelancing is the best and comfortable job for a traveler. Moreover, In your personal life, you are maybe the programmer, designer, marketing expert or maybe you have other skills, so by using your skills you can earn money from freelancing website at anyplace and anytime, even from traveling spot. So it is one of the best options for the traveler to earn money during traveling.

There is hundreds of freelancing website available to get paid by your skills.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

I think you have heard about affiliate marketing, it is one type of advertising platform where you can get money from advertising companies to advertise their post on your blog or website. As I told you before, if you create a blog, then after getting enough traffic you should start affiliate marketing. There are different prices available in the affiliate marketing that depends according to the advertising company and advertising.

There is a number of affiliate marketing website available where you can register and start an affiliate marketing on your blog, they will give you commission on each click. One of the best examples is Amazon affiliate marketing program where you can sign up and show their products on your blog, and once you will receive a commission on purchasing of customers. Here are some popular affiliate marketing sites that you can use.

5. Online Surveys:

You have heard of online surveys, right? But is it true that Surveyed Company will give you the money on behalf of the survey! Yes, it is true. So it is one of the easiest ways to earn money just by giving your reviews. There is a number of companies who paid money on behalf of survey them. You choose this option because it is less time consuming, but remember that you will not get enough prices in online surveys. So when your budget is high go with other earn money options.


You have checked all the important points that help to earn money while you travel. Now, these options you can choose according to your requirements and budget. And Still, if you think I we have missed something important then mention in the below comment section, I will add your review in my next post.

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