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Best Practices to Create Mobile Friendly Website

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Currently, mobile usage crossed the limit of the desktop, so if you would create a mobile-friendly website then it will be good for your business to reach the high audience. But still, you have not created a mobile-friendly website then you have daily missed the thousands of mobile visitors and revenue. However, the responsive website helps in two ways, one to increase mobile user and another is two increase rankings of the search engine. So it could be a vital part to create a responsive website in the current era.

Previously designing needs lots of hard work but in the current technological trends, we just need to install some plug-in and a visual editor to create the best responsive website. Here we have included top mobile friendly points that help create the best and SEO friendly website design.

Mobile Speed

Mobile speed is important for the search engine and the users. Suppose if your website that users visit by the search engine, unfortunately, if it takes a long time to load then what user will do the next he/she will redirect to another competitor website. So as I have told you website speed will be mandatory for any businesses. Moreover, there are several tools available to check mobile speed, first at the first I am recommended Google speed checker tool.

However, to improve mobile speed is not difficult if you are a programmer. But if you are not a programmer then there are several tools available that help you to increase website speed. Manually, you can increase mobile speed by increasing image size, removing unused javascript and CSS and finally by clearing cache you can recover your website speed.

Simple and User friendly Navigation

While your website has too much traffic and still conversion too low then there may be site navigation or designing issue on your website.  Any user wants to buy product comfortably on the website, but if your site structure or navigation is bed then user feels confusing at the purchasing time, and he/she will be left the transaction so your website structure should be user-friendly.

Font and Button Size

If you are a designer then you are aware of the responsive design, but only to be a designer is not limited you have to decide how can improve the view in the mobile. So while you create the responsive design, button and font should be at the right place so they do not feel confusing while converting your goal, normal font size be a 14px.

Mobile Design Layout

You should build a mobile design that logically compatible with the user in order to provide the best information easily.  However, some points you have to remember at designing time such as do not add too many pop-ups, Use Icons instead of words to save space, the font should be large enough to read.

The Web designing is being a vital part of the website. When you have thousands of visitors but your website is not good at the designing then conversion would be too low. So you should create the design that users love. However, if the website is more users friendly then it is also considered as SEO friendly.

So as a web designer or business owner you need to aware following designing points that help you to develop the good website design. But why do you need to have a good website design?  Because the attractive website design increases user retention, bounce rate, and sales of your website. Moreover, before starting a web designing in 2019 you need to be aware of the following points.

1. AMP

It is called accelerated mobile pages. As the name suggests AMP page load faster than any ordinary page, so in the current busy world, you need to configure AMP on your website designing so a user can easily interact with. But if you are a developer, how you will implement them? Do not worry! There is inbuilt AMP code that you have to put on your HTML code, JavaScript and cache code. And by implementing that your website would be AMP.

2. Website Speed

What would happen when someone trying to open the website and it takes too much time to load, then visitor instantly move to another competitor website, which is high in the speed. So it is a very serious problem that you have to take care of visitor and search engine purpose. Because to rank in the search engine, it needs to have high website loading speed. So after website designing, you have to check speed through the Google Speed checker tool.

3. Voice Search

Voice search introduced before 6 years ago, but over the recent years, we have seen several dramatic improvements in voice search because of the advanced technology such as Amazon echo, Google Assistant. Moreover, in order to create voice search friendly design, you need to implement good content.

4. Grids

It was being very popular before the past few years ago but after sometime website quitted from designing. However, technology advancement again arises and it’s again recovered its value. Now, the grid is again one of the popular across the all the modern website, Pinterest is the best example of Grids.

5. Animation Images

Currently, we have more advanced browser compare to the previous one so in order to get benefited of users, get their high user retention you need to include animation images in the website designing. You can increase your website bounce rate through the animation images.

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