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Top 5 Amazing Places in INDIA That Every Tourist Should Visit

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Are you planning to travel in INDIA? There are several amazing places in INDIA such as historical places, culturally popular sites that everyone should visit once before you turn above 35. However, we have included top 10 places by analyzing online reviews, tourist reviews.


It is one of the popular places in INDIA for natural beauty. However, It is also known as the heaven of the earth because, it has green gardens, popular flowers, valleys enclosed with snow that give a natural experience.

Kutch White Rann

The Great Rann of Kutch is a salt march located in the desert of Kutch. However, It is long as 7500 sq Km, it considered as one of the largest salt deserts in the world.


It is one of the best destination places in India, where not only a foreigner but thousands of Indians visit Goa every year but mostly they enjoy November to February. Once you visit the Goa, you will miss the amazing nightlife, variety of booze, beach shacks and more.


Kerela is another top place that everyone should visit before like getting too old. Here you can view hills to the waterways, amazing green trees, pristine water, and amazing wildlife experience. Here is the best time to comes visit is November to January and June to August.


It is one of the popular places from Himalaya. Meghalaya has a combination of several natural beauty such as waterfalls, mystic caves, dense forests, amazing lake, and rivers. It is another holiday destination in INDIA that is best for trekkers, cavers and nature enthusiasts.

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