Travel tips for families during a Pandemic

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New parents and parent’s in general are worried about safety when planning to travel with kids and are in a constant dilemma whether they should go ahead and move forward with their travel plans or stay put. Unfortunately, there is no right answer to this question. On one hand the American Center For Disease Control has advised people against travelling unless it is absolutely essential. However some countries have imposed strict restrictions against travelling. On the other hand airline companies and few doctors insist that it is absolutely safe to travel again by air thanks to extensive sanitisation and air filtration practices followed. It is important to remember that unlike earlier days it is increasingly crowded and flights are rarely empty enough to follow social distancing. Although there is risk involved during the pandemic, there are few precautions you can take to reduce your chances of contracting the virus such as wearing a mask when you are travelling or in a public space, washing hands frequently, using sanitizer regularly and following social distancing whenever possible

Is it safe to travel with your family?

Although there is risk involved in travelling here are a few guidelines you can follow to reduce the risk and travel safely.

Before you travel or plan a trip, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Is it absolutely essential? If it can be avoided, it is advisable to not travel and cancel.
  2. How is the covid 19 situation at your destination? Look for the covid case count at your destination, if it is a high risk zone, avoid travelling.
  3. What are the rules to be followed once you reach the destination? Some countries/states have a set of guidelines for travellers, so read up on it before you reach and plan accordingly
  4. Is your family member’s health in good condition to travel? It is very important that your fellow travellers should be in a good health condition to travel
  5. Do you live with family member’s whose immunity has been compromised? Remember that senior citizens and adults who have an underlying condition
  6. Do you have enough room and facilities to practice self isolation once you return? It is also advisable to consider your return and self isolation post travel before you plan your trip

Although airlines are taking precautions to reduce the risk of transmission by undertaking temperature checks, social distancing and no contact baggage check in and boarding along with sanitisation and deep cleaning. It is not guaranteed that it is impossible to contract the virus during travel.

One good thing about air travel is that airlines use the same filter that is used in hospital operating rooms to remove any infectious particles from the air. So it is unlikely you will contract the virus unless you are in close proximity with someone who is infected with the virus. So as long as you wear a mask throughout your travel and practice social distancing, your chances of contracting the virus are unlikely.

Tips for air travel

  • Before you book read the instructions thoroughly and see the benefits provided by various airline companies. Some flights provide refund if the flight fills up more and give you rebooking options. Other flights will simply cancel your ticket and refuse refund.
  • Choose the safest and convenient airline even if it is a little more expensive
  • The process of boarding will be changed to no contact, so you will have to get to the airport early and figure out the process.
  • Do your web check in and download your boarding pass in advance
  • Pack light, as you will be doing the baggage check in yourself, you might get flustered. I you have toddlers it is advisable to pack extra cotton onesies and baby overalls
  • Carry your sanitiser and disinfectant wipes. Wear a mask at all times.
  • Do not touch your face unnecessarily and practice social distancing at all times
  • Read into the travel guidelines and follow them religiously

Flying international comes with its own set of guidelines. Every country has a different approach to prevent virus transmission. Most countries have sealed their borders and are closed to travellers. Some countries have voluntary self quarantine to be followed once you reach and Covid 19 test at the airport. So read the travel guidelines and state guidelines before you travel.

Staying at a hotel

It depends on the hotel you are choosing to stay. Even if you stay at a hotel that is well equipped, hotels are filled with people from all over the world. So it is risky and chances of transmission are higher. However you can stay safe by limiting exposure to public spaces and ordering in.

Road trip

A short road trip with your family is a safe option. If you want to travel with friends, make sure they are practicing social distancing and taking precautions just like you. Be careful and wear a mask at all times even if you get down to fill your tank. Read up on travel guidelines if you are travelling to a different state.


Unfortunately some of the highest transmission rates were around holidays. So it is highly recommended that you come up with innovative ways to spend the holidays. Organizing a party indoors, with people not wearing masks, hugging and coming in close proximity with each other is highly risky and results in transmission of the virus. Although a zoom call might not sound appealing or the best way to celebrate christmas it is highly recommended for the safety of you and your family. Plan innovative ways to keep yourself and your family members engaged, share digital cards and play online games to stay connected with each other. Normalcy will return soon and you can celebrate anytime. If somebody contracts the virus the guilt of transmission will be very awful to deal with and this is why family gatherings aren’t encouraged and it is better to practice social distancing.

These are difficult times and it is important to stick together and lean on each other to get through this. Normalcy is not far ahead, but we will soon adapt to the new normal!

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