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Google Revealed: How You Can Display The Best Date In The Google Search Result

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Recently in the Google webmaster blog, Google revealed how they are reading the date of the page, and how you should optimize it in the right way to display correct date and time.

How Google Display a date?

Google not showing dates for the all the pages but there are Google’s automated systems that decide to display a date and time according to a page, it included news and time-sensitive data.

Moreover, Google using several factors to show dates, primarily it shows date from the published page as it mentioned or dates provided by the publisher through structured markup.

But as Google told in the webmaster blog, sometimes it is not getting the trust of published dates on a page, because structure data may be lacking or not matched with current time zone. And, that is why Google Systems using several factors to show a correct date on the page when the page was published or updated.

How To Help The Google To Pick Up The Right Date?

In order to help Google, webmaster and website publisher should consider these two methods.

Show a Date: Show a visible date clearly on the web page

Using Structure Data: Optimizing the ‘datePublished’ and ‘dateModified’ schema with the correct time zone. And when you are using a structure data, make you follow up ISO 8601 format for dates

Optimize A Date For The Google News:

In order to show a correct date in the Google news, you have to clearly show the date and time when was page published and updated. And it is recommended by Google to show structure data along with the displaying date and time.

However, According to Google time and date should be placed between headline and article body.

Moreover, there are other rules if you are updating your page frequently, as it is recommended by Google to give a fresh date and time that updated an article.

Other caution that you have to prevent while updating a page that not to add slightly story from one previously published or delete the story and redirect to new URL. It is completely against of Google URL guidelines.

Best Practices For Optimizing Dates

Above I have described the most important requirements According to Google, now we have try other additional methods to optimize date and times.

  • Display a new date and time when you frequently update the page
  • Use correct time zone
  • A date should be same in Time zone, Display page and in the structure data
  • Use Current dates, not need to include future event date
  • Follow correct structured data guidelines
  • Troubleshoot by minimizing other dates on the page
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