Top 10 Social Media Tools For Scheduling, Publishing, Monitoring in 2019

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Are you looking for social media tools that help you with content analysis, scheduling, publishing, and increasing social media visibility? Although, there are hundreds of social media tools available to test each one will be time-consuming and require lots of efforts so we have done long research and found the top most used frameworks according to different requirements.

Whether you are a marketing company or marketing expert or any others who want to grow their social media accounts can use these social media tools.

Top Social Media Tools

1. BuzzSumo

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Currently, Buzzsumo is one of the popular social media tools over on the internet that you can use for trending post, content curation, and Influencer Marketing. moreover to find trending topics or to get popular category on content sharing and even more social media content benefits with this tool.

In the Buzzsumo you can search with the domain name or with the keyword list, even more, filters available such as you can filter by date, country, and language and filter domains to get a list of trending post in your niche market. But to filter this you need to get paid version, you can also use the free version but there are several limitations, so if you are content marketer and marketing company it’s worth to get paid.

2. Buffer

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When you are marketing company or you have multiple accounts it would be tough to manage and post it individually, it is time-consuming and a lot of efforts needs. But now with the buffer, it’s going to be easy because in the buffer social media tool you can set up multiple social media account and manage them in one place just by buffer login.

The more interesting thing about buffer is you can schedule your post on multiple social media accounts so it saves your time, even you can do an analysis of your shared post, how it performs, and you can analyze most shared content and their time. Free and paid version is available according to your requirements. Moreover, if you want to give access to your Buzzsumo then you can easily give them to manage your post.

3. Hootsuite


In the Hootsuite social media tool, you can manage your multiple social media accounts in one desk board. Moreover, there are several extraordinary features that make it one of the popular social media tools is you can manage your all social media account in one place, schedule unlimited post, as well track the social media ROI.

In Hootsuite, you can add multiple social media accounts such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. And more important, Hootsuite secures all your password, profile and login information. However, free trial version available so you can get the idea of Hootsuite without paying any money.

4. Canva


If you are a designer or social media expert then you may be aware of Canva It is one of the best social media tools to create graphics and images for a social media account. It is too easy to create a graphic in the canvas, even if you are unfamiliar with designing you can create images to share on social media. There is hundred of attractive background, template, and icon, and font available that you can use to create engaging and attractive social media post, even you can use canva to create infographics.

5. Sprout Social:

D:\Stuff\sprout social.png

It is a tool like a Buffer, you can schedule, manage, analyze and monitor your social media post. Moreover, you can manage your contents and social media posts from one dashboard and after monitoring you can take a strategic decision to grow your social media post and business ROI. You can use a 30 day free trial period to check more about its features.

6. Follower Wonk


It is one of the best tools for Twitter analysis and optimizes. With this tool, you can measure your follower location, their best time to post, who are they follow and more. One of the main benefits of this tool is you can find audience related to your category niche by searching on location, name or URL, also you can compare twitter user profile and their follower. In short, if you want to find a follower of your competitor then this tool works best.

7. Social Pilot

D:\Stuff\social pilot.png

Social pilot same as the buffer, it has been used to analyze, schedule, and publish your social media account. Moreover, If you are a small advertising agency or enterprise then you should use this tool, as it has more powerful features to manage your all client’s social media accounts. Because it customized to your specific business needs, profile and post configured to cater all the clients, dedicated account manager, and sharing.

You can Publish Popular Content with Curated Content, RSS Feeds, Bulk Upload.

8. Social Bakers

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It is one of the powerful tools to do social media analysis, as you can target the right message to the right audience at the right moment. Even in the social bakers, you can join multiple accounts and access all from one dashboard. Moreover, you can completely monitor conversion around your brand and do a community creation.

9. TagBoard

It allows a user to aggregate data from top social media sites into impactful displays that can be embedded on your live broadcast, venue screens, web, and mobile platforms.  One of the important features, it uses real-time notifications. Moreover, it is one of the best tools for social advertising.



If you are a team or agency then this tool works the best for you because it has budget-friendly solution gives you listening collaboration, and reporting features to keep your clients happy and reporting features to keep your clients happy post to all social accounts or schedule the content, or you can reschedule post over and over again.



You have seen all types of social media tools, such as social media analysis tools, monitoring tools, post schedule tools, RSS feed publish and more. Some tools are free and some of the paid, so you can use these tools according to social media need. Still, if you think we have to add other important social media tools then mention in below comment section.

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