How to Use Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness

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Social media is an important tool that can help any business reach out to millions of consumers. The reason why social media platforms are so effective for brand awareness is that they allow you to interact with real people. Posting inspirational images, emotional content, or short stories can create reactions and start conversations.

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The sheer number of social media users means you cannot ignore this type of internet marketing. For example, a report by Statista estimated that in 2019 there were 2.77 billion people who use social media regularly. This number looks set to reach 3 billion users by 2021.

When done correctly, posting on social media makes it very easy for your followers to share interesting content you post. So, your message can easily spread organically to reach many more people. This, in turn increases awareness of your brand.

This emphasizes how important it is to choose a good web development agency who can provide social media internet marketing services.

In this article, you will learn the first 5 steps to create an effective social media marketing campaign. First of all, it is important to know just how brand recognition can affect your internet marketing.

The Importance of Brand Awareness in Internet Marketing?

Brand awareness describes the level by which your target audience recognizes your product. There are a number of specific ways that brand awareness can increase your customer base. For example:

  • Brand awareness increases trust and can lead to loyal customers
  • Increasing brand awareness boosts your brand’s value and can help grow revenue
  • Brand recognition creates positive association

How can internet marketing services such as social media campaigns boost your brand’s reputation? The most important way to increase awareness of your brand is to embrace social media.

For example, research carried out by Weber Shandwick/Forbes Insights revealed how important social media is to brands. Their research found that over 50% of brand reputation is connected to how social a business is.

5 Ways to Strengthen Brand Awareness with Social Media

How can you leverage social media as an internet marketing tool to build brand awareness?

Here are 5 ways to make your brand more sociable.

1. Choose your social media platform

The first step to use social media is to pick the right platforms. To do this, you need to know something about your target audience and how they interact with social media. It is always better to pick one or 2 social media platforms and use them well.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with a reported 2.2 billion active users. However, depending on your marketing goals, other social media platforms may work better for you.

Here are 3 of the most popular social media sites.

  • Facebook is a great platform for social networking and brand awareness. You can also boost your brand awareness by using paid ads to target your specific audience.
  • Instagram relies on sharing images and videos and is a good choice of social media platform to showcase your brand, location, products, or people.
  • Twitter is a microblogging platform to post short comments or provide live updates.

2. Post high-quality visual content

To strengthen your brand authority and increase awareness, it is important to only post original, high-quality content.

Eye-catching visuals that are shareable with your audience are the type of content to post. You can use images and videos to tell a story, create interest, highlight new products, or incorporate quotes. People also love infographics as they provide value and visual stimulation.

If you followed the advice to focus on just one or two social media platforms, it will be easier to develop consistently high-quality content. To establish your brand, always ensure your content solves a problem or delivers value.

3. Post consistently to social media to increase brand awareness

The key to creating a highly effective social media marketing campaign is to post on a regular basis. Consistency keeps your brand visible to your audience and shows you want to engage with them.

How often should you post on social media to boost brand awareness? This depends on your choice of platform. For example, posting weekly or even daily can work well on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. However, to increase brand visibility on Twitter, you may need to post a few times daily.

The key to boosting brand awareness by posting on social media is to have a set schedule. So, research when your target audience is most active and schedule posts for that time. Your audience should know when to expect content.

4. Engage with others

As its name implies, social media is all about being social and engaging with others. One easy way to start a conversation is to ask a question or pose a problem. If your topic is interesting enough, you may even get new followers who also want to take part in the conversation.

Another important way to engage with your audience is to respond to them. So, when any of your followers leave a comment on a post or share content, make sure and acknowledge it. Even if you get negative feedback on a product or service, a calm and honest response will show your audience that you care.

To really increase your brand awareness through social media, you could also collaborate with influencers. These could be bloggers, social media experts, or YouTubers. The fact that a respected influencer endorses your product will both increase your reputation and expand your audience base.

5. Use hashtags

With any post on social media, you should always use relevant trending hashtags. Putting popular hashtags in your content allows social network sites to index your content and make it discoverable.

The key to using hashtags to boost brand awareness is to research them well. You can then use these hashtags to optimize content for your audience. You should also come up with a unique hashtag to identify your brand. In time, a branded hashtag or campaign-specific hashtag may even create a community around your brand.

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