The Role of Automating Equipment in Substations for Effective Maintenance

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The convenience and comfort offered by remotely controlled substations have been turning many organizations to install the same. It has made maintenance, defects analysis, and repair of substations and associated equipment quick, easy, and effective. Of late, remote maintenance of substation has become a necessity due to the changes in the situation around the world. 

Let us See the Reasons Why Remote Maintenance is Important For Substations.

1. Travel restriction

The widespread COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions imposed owing to the same has amplified the need for remote maintenance of substations. With the introduction of remote inspection, fault analysis, and defect repair possibilities, the technician can sit at the office, undertake defect investigation, and defect rectification.

It facilitates preventive and corrective maintenance processes and inspections more effectively. The periodicity of the inspection could be entered into the system. Thereby, the indication pops up in advance. Thus, easing the scheduling of the technical examination and remote maintenance of the substation assets and associated components.  

2. Service Anywhere in the World

As we have seen in the preceding paragraph, the remote access to substation and substation assets can give the technical team the access and information regarding the functioning of the systems and equipment. The technician can undertake the task sitting at any corner of the world or on the go. That means s/he never has to travel to the exact location to monitor the functioning of the systems. A cloud-based control, monitoring, and corrective setup will assure you great benefits and exceptional convenience.

3. Security Exposes the Device to The Specific Device Manufacturer

Security is of paramount importance to a substation. It is an invaluable asset to the state-owned, public, or private organization. An ample amount of money is pumped to ensure the security and safety of electrical energy producing establishments and electrical substations. By using remote maintenance of substations, you can control who all have access to the substation and restrict operations to a few individuals. Installing specific passwords, allowing the full-fledged operation to limited individuals from a selected lot, and implementing other measures will enhance the security of the substations.  

4. Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Diagnostics and troubleshooting does not require elaborate dismantling or investigation methodology. The cloud-based remote maintenance system will indicate the defective section. The technical team can locate the defective components and carry out defect resolution quickly. This reduces the downtime of the substation due to technical faults. And ensures optimum operational time.

5. Remote Configuration Update & Parameterization

The technical department of the substation can undertake technical updates and parameterization remotely. This will aid the efficient functioning of the substation and eradication of ineffective system technologies.    

6. Collection of Fault Files

The system fault files that have caused the error or defect could be downloaded remotely. The subject files could be analyzed towards identifying the exact cause of defects. And formulating corrective actions that can preclude similar defects in the future. With remote substation maintenance systems, you are augmenting the efficiency and output of your technical team. This can be leveraged to establish new ventures, systems, and additional infrastructure requirements. 

7. Remote Firmware Update

Update the firmware sitting at a location away from the substation. It could be the main office of the substation or on the go. Your physical presence is not necessary at the substation premises to include the firmware updates and modifications. 

The proactive measures will assist in preventing bugs, vulnerabilities, and viruses in the software.  

8. Easy to Use Control System

The remotely controlled substation does not require you to be an IT specialist. Neither have you needed any special qualification on a particular software. The remote substation system is easy to install and operate. The controls and restrictions could be based on the type and security aspects of the substation. And could be finalized subsequent to internal discussions. 

9. No Risk of Injury

Since the technical person is not physically present at the substation, during any defect analysis process, he or she is safe from injuries remarkably. The defect repair procedure could be limited to the affected part or component after ensuring safety. 

10. Improving Productivity of Your Employees

The remote maintenance of substations will result in improved productivity of the employees. As the defect investigation, troubleshooting, and defect analysis are done by the remote system, the labor required also could be curtailed optimally. It will also aid in saving money spent on manpower for operating and maintaining substations. 

Technological advancements in the field of power generation, control, and distribution must be utilized towards optimizing the benefits to the organization. The latest technological features not only help in controlling the substations remotely but also in conserving energy. 

The prevention of loss of energy and avoidance of unnecessary wastage is essential for every firm. It will directly reflect on the profit earned by the firm in every quarter. Recognizing the unparalleled advantages and ease of operation, organizations around the world have commenced conversion to remote maintenance of substations. The technology has become so popular in most of the foreign countries that it is difficult to find physically controlled substations. 

India is also on the path of implementation of the said technology. The reputed agencies in the field offer unmatched service and the most modern technology in remote maintenance of substation assets. It will be beneficial for you to install one at the earliest.  

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