8 Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

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Having a home office is a great way to be around for the family, while also continuing to bring home those steady paychecks. And creating your perfect workspace is a very exciting undertaking. You get to design an entire room, just for you, and in a design form that will maximize your potential to be at peak productivity.

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Personalizing your home office

Now comes the tricky part. If you are a fan of the decorative notion of Feng Shui, picking everything from your home office desk and chair set, to your home office colors, plays into the universal flow of the space? If not, your biggest hurdle can be as simple as finding the home office furniture that speaks to you and getting it to your house. 

Will you assemble your newly purchased items or have them delivered fully built? How many home office bookshelves do you need? Do you want a home office garden to tend to while mired in thought? There are plenty of variables that can go into creating your perfect workspace, but they are largely environmental and aesthetic. 

The best place to start is with the design. If you were a contractor about to do a renovation of the room you will use as your workspace, the first thing you would do is get some parameters, and bounce some home office design ideas off the owner. Since you are the owner, this is your chance to tinker, to get imaginative, and to build it in your mind, before you build it in real life. 

You want a space with good energy, that isn’t cluttered, and that has everything you need within a reasonable proximity, while also being easy to find. You want the most efficient setup and want it to feel like a place where you can get things done, while recognizing it is still part of the home. And you want to be at optimal productivity.

Getting inspired

If you are still trying to sort through what your workspace will say about you as a professional, while not spilling your work life into your daily life, here are a few home office ideas that might give you the nudge you need: 

1. Room with a view

The one thing working professionals want most beyond respect from the boss and more money, is a view. A window to see the sky, or water, or anything but the walls they see every day. If you have a window, great. If not, fake it. Use décor items to create one, or even set up a TV with visuals of an outdoor setting you find peaceful. 

2 Designated space

If you have a large space, having a portion of the area of your desk and work related items, and another for meetings in the event you must take a meeting at your house, will give your workspace a more professional feel.

3. Bring a friend

At your workplace, there are typically more people than just you. Having more than one person working in the same space can add to productivity through collaborative energy. Some things are easier to stay motivated into doing with another person doing it, too. 

4. Dual productivity

If you work long hours, it is not likely you will also want to work out. The busy office space is exhausting enough without adding to it. Although, there are certain ways to do both in the same amount of time. One is the most common piece of work furniture combined with the best exercise equipment to produce, the treadmill desk. Burn calories and make money at the same time. Win win.

5. New antiques

Give your space a classic or vintage feel with some items that are a little older, like an antique filing cabinet or a globe on a stand. These are simply accent pieces, but they bring the room together and can actually enhance how the space makes you feel mentally.

6. Spice it up, with color

Dull, drab or dark spaces make people tired, and tired people are not very productive. Adding plenty of vibrant colors in décor, in wall paint, or even with plenty of floral additions like strategically placed plants or flowers, can give life to the room, and more life to you, waking your spirit. 

7. Get organized

No one thrives in chaos. The key to being your most productive, is by being your most organized. If you know where everything is, it makes it that much faster to fetch it when needed. Hunting for things detracts from forward progress and adds unnecessary stress. 

8. Pick your style

Are you a classic soul or do you lean to the more contemporary? Or maybe you are neither and live to detonate convention? Then play to that strength. If you love the classic look, all wood furniture and decor is the way to go. For your modern office, steel and glass, clean lines and everything new and shiny will do nicely. And for everyone else, go glam, go punk, or just do you.

This is your space. Make it your own, make it speak to who you are. But make sure it is organized, efficient, and will allow for maximum productivity. That is the point of the office in your house after all. If you aren’t productive, what’s the point? 


Having a workspace in your house you can be proud of is great, but having a workspace that accomplishes your ultimate goal of being near your living spaces, nearer to the family, whilst also being productive, well, that is worth its weight in gold. Have you built a productive, efficient workspace in your house?

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