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15 Top Startup Business Ideas to Make Money

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Looking for the top start-up business ideas to make money?

Well, this blog tries to list out a few ideas that would be good for owning a startup business of your own!


Most of the people out there are in the search of a plan to start a firm of themselves and thus to feed their passion.

People are now not ready to retire at the age of 60. They like to spend their retired life or maybe their career in something which they are passionate about.

Luckily, it is much easy to start a business from scratch without spending a fortune.

Some of the best business ideas are listed below and you could select the one which you think is the best for you!

1. Social Media Consultant

Are there people who don’t love the social media platforms liken Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

The best things about these platforms are that you could learn all these yourself.

And in case, if you want any special care, then there are a lot of good certifications available!

2. Taxi Business

If you are really passionate about meeting new people and driving a car, the best business startup idea would be to start a taxi business of your own.

It provides you good money.

The first thing to take care is to develop a taxi dispatch software for your taxi business so that you can attract a lot of potential customers.

And never forget to market it properly! Then only it will reach to the maximum people.

3. Courier Service

Providing the best courier services is also another way to earn good money.

The major things to take care is that first you will be needing to choose a good vehicle for your courier service.

Then make sure that you buy the right equipments so that you can manage the loading and unloading of the materials you will be dealing with.

Give a good name to your courier service too. Insure your business and market your business through the right mediums so that it reaches out to the masses.

4. Venture in Niche Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of marketing by which an online retailer pays commission for an external website for the traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Or in simple terms it could be described as you get a small commission by helping to promote the product or service of a business.

Create a website of your own and feed your website with some best quality content so that the traffic to your website increases automatically.

And finally join some affiliate programs. Then earn some good money by simply sitting at home!

It would seem really easy but need to be patient till the correct time arrives!

Learn about affiliate marketing business and get the latest updates

5. Food Delivery Business

Create an app for your food delivery business. And have a tie up with the major restaurants in your locality. And deliver the high quality food through your mobile application. Marketing your business properly plays a very major role in such businesses.

6. Social Crowdfunding

Social crowdfunding is the place where entrepreneurs find funding for their projects. And this crowdfunding platform could be linked with humanitarian projects to those willing to fund them.

The investors will be provided a promise in return for their monetary investment, instead of giving out an interest. For instance, in advertisements they will be highlighted as investors or will be provided a lifetime membership to their company projects.

7. Start a Blog

For making money through your blog also requires the same pattern as that of affiliate marketing.

There are a lot of free blog creation sites available in the market today.

Create a blog for your yourself and start writing blogs about useful information.

Start finding readers for your blogs and build engagement with the readers.

And start making money from the readership you have for the blog website through a variety of income streams!

8. Photography Business

We all love taking pictures of ourselves, some special occasions, or may be the scenic beauty of the nature.

And some of them would be really passionate about taking photographs.

This would be a good idea for your startup business if you belongs to the second category of people.

You would be paid really well if you are damn good photographer!

Some of the great reasons to consider turning your interest in photography into a startup business include:

  • You get paid for something that you enjoy.
  • Flexible time schedule which allows you to start around a job, and build into a part-time or full-time business.
  • You can meet new people.
  • Can travel.
  • Help others to capture their important events in their lives.

9. Web Development

Web development is one of the best startup business idea if you are enjoy building websites.

Because a lot of companies need high quality websites and they are looking for someone who could do it better!

Some major things to know to start your own web development business are given below:

  • Create a website.
  • Create your own brand.
  • Pricing.
  • Education.
  • Promotion.
  • Write a newsletter.
  • Join a community.
  • Expand

10. Freelance Proofreading and Editing

Freelance proofreading and editing is a really good option if you are ready to become a business owner. Some of the best benefits of starting up such a business include:

Startup costs are relatively low.

No separate office needed.

You don’t really need any formal training or certification (needs to be really good at basic English).

A broad range of clients are available out there.

11. Event & Project Planning

An event planner will be responsible for handling certain tasks related to that particular event. And the tasks include:

  • Conducting research
  • Creating an event design
  • Finding a site
  • Arranging for food, decor and entertainment
  • Planning transportation to and from the event
  • Sending invitations to attendees
  • Arranging any necessary accommodations for attendees
  • Coordinating the activities of event personnel
  • Supervising at the site
  • Conducting evaluations of the event


It would also be better if you could attain some certifications in the respective field, or atleast having some experience in managing events are necessary for the success of the business!

12. Translating

Language translation is one among the best startup business ideas to make money if you are expert atleast two languages! Because language translators are in huge demand these days.

Global businesses are going as fast as the internet. And apart from English, there are a lot of other languages which requires the service good translators. And hence the persons who know some popular languages like French, Spanish etc. can try out the field of translation.

As a language translator, you will be required to interpret all sorts of documents, from books to private letters to legal documents!

13. YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube Channel is also a wonderful startup business plan to make money.

The main thing to take care here is update your channel regularly with good and quality videos, so that your number of viewers increase slowly and generates more income for you.

You have to be a little patient in this case. But it’s  not so difficult. Do try out if you are really passionate about making videos on various subjects!

14. Outsourced Customer Service

Starting out a business firm which provides customer support for the various companies or products out there is simply an excellent idea for a startup. Having tie up with the MNC’s would definitely help your business to prosper. The only thing to take care is to be fluent in the language in which you will be required to communicate with the customers.

15. Online Coach

Online Coaching is the best business startup plan for those who are really passionate about teaching through the digital mediums like a video, through phone, etc.

You could also provide reference or study materials through your online coaching website or channel (maybe video or audio).

Do have a thorough homework before actually starting one to get a clear idea what will be the challenges that we have to face for the success of the online coaching business.


The above given are some of the top startup business ideas to make money.

Go through the details and choose the one which you will be comfortable with. But do remember to have a thorough research before stepping into one!

And wish you all the best!

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  1. Nicely explained about the latest startup ideas which are trending currently. I hope many of us will get a brief regarding their passion/career.

    Great post guys!

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