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Top 7 Cloud Certifications in 2020

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From the past several years, cloud computing is the only area of IT that generated a peak of hype, interest, and investment. Cloud is now an everlasting unit for all the global companies, service providers, and all small or big organizations. As a result of this, cloud computing grabs notable attention and coverage from certification providers that offer Cloud concerning items, like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, etc.

Top 7 Cloud Certifications in 2020

Here now mentioning the top 5 cloud certification in 2020.

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional:

AWS (Amazon Web Services) initiated its certification program in the year 2013, May. Presently, this program is offering role-based credentials at the base, associate, and professional levels paired with a lot of specialty certifications. Actually, AWS certifications’ main focus is on the preparation of candidates for operational, developer, and architect roles.

A candidate applying for this certification should know about specific topics, like business consistency and high availability, pricing, management of deployment, data storage, design networking, hybrid architecture, cloud migration, and such others.

Other certificates included in AWS are;

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate:

It includes the collection and identification of the needs for solution plans and guides about architectural based practices right through the AWS projects.

  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate:

It includes designing, developing, and implementing a Cloud-based solution with the use of AWS.

  • AWS Certifies DevOps Engineer – Professional:

It is a professional-level certificate for the developer and operational roles both. It includes the complete management of a functional system.

  • AWS Certifies SysOps Administrator – Associate:

This certificate contains the provisions systems and services regarding AWS.

  • Cloud AWS Practitioner:

This Cloud certification is the core foundation certificate provided by AWS. It’s just recommended for professionals, associates, and specialty certificates.

2 .CompTIA Cloud+:

CompTIA Cloud+ is a performance-based certification that covers the technology part and helps in building and supporting cloud infrastructure. This certification is helpful for the identifications of skills that initiate cloud technologies, compute, network, and storage.

Cloud+ is one of the rare CompTIA certificates that’s not introductory. It’s just a recommendation that you should have two or three years of experience before getting into this exam.

3. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA):

Cisco Systems came into being in the year 1984, and now it is a household name in the field of IT. Cisco has its potential worldwide presence, and it maintains it by thousands of employees and a yearly ROI of $49.3 billion.

Cisco offers two credentials based on Cloud; one of those is CCNA.

The CCNA is an entry-level certification that the IT professionals targets for the roles of network or cloud engineer and cloud administrator. This certificate validates the ability of the candidate to support Cloud-based Cisco solutions. It requires candidates to have standard knowledge about cloud infrastructure, cloud networking, storage solutions, provisioning, deployment models, and such other cloud administrative tasks.

4. MCSE – Cloud Platform and Infrastructure:

This Microsoft cloud certificate identifies the ability of the candidate for the management of data centers. It upholds the skills concerning cloud technologies like networking virtualization, identity and system administration, storage, etc.

The MCSE cloud platform requires the candidate to initially get any of the Microsoft Certifies Solution Associate (MCSA) certificates.

Each of the MCSA certificates needs two or three exams according to the way the candidate chooses. The topic of the exam includes developing, applying, and architecting solutions related to Azure.

Although, there are a lot more Microsoft certificates considerable for Cloud. Microsoft is still boosting its Cloud-based certifications.

5. Google Cloud Platform Architect:

The Google certificates in terms of Cloud are for the professionals who intend to validate their knowledge and skillsets in Google cloud architecture and technologies. This is the best Cloud certificate Google provides.

It proves the technical skills and expertise of professionals as a Cloud architect. These certified candidates are skillful in management, designing, robust development, secure solutions on Google Cloud.

To get this certificate, an individual has to pass an exam simply. But to give this exam, an individual should have at least one year of experience in the operation of Cloud applications with the use of Google technologies.

Further, the candidates having this certificate can get the role of Google Cloud Architects.

6. CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional

This of the Cloud certification is the most popular in the IT skills and Salary Report. This credential assures potential cloud security acumen and practical experience along with cloud security design, architecture, operations, and service orchestration.

However, CCSP is not any specific platform; therefore, no certificate holders can elaborate about the skills needed in a certain cloud environment. But the prerequisites for CCSP are five years experience in IT along with at least three years in the sector of information security. Moreover, getting your CISSO would be an alternate for all the CCSP requirements mentioned.

There are a lot of preparation programs available by which you can prepare yourself for the exam.

7. Azure Solutions Architect Expert – Microsoft Certified:

This is an expert level and role based certification. It will validate your mastery for the skills required for the designation of solutions that are liable to run on Azure along with expertise in security, compute, and storage.

Candidates for Azure Solutions Architect Expert required to own high level knowledge and experience for varied aspects of IT functions that includes, virtualization, identity, security, networking, consistency in business, data management, disaster recovery, governance, and budgeting. This is the role that needs management for the way decision in each area affects the entire solution. Candidates should also be competent in Azure Administration, DevOps, and Azure Development and at least must have expert level skill sets in anyone of these areas.

There are two exams required to get this expert level certificate, AZ: 300 and AZ: 301.

These are the seven top Cloud Certifications in the year 2020. The demand for Cloud computing professionals will constantly grow. In this regard, these are certificates that will enhance your importance and make you eligible for Cloud Based agencies.

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