Top 6 Important Questions to Ask SEO Agency Before Hiring

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In the competition world, most of the businesses want to get their rankings on the first page of the search engine to grow their services product online? How could you grow? The answer is, you have to hire a reputed SEO agency that has the ability to get your rankings on the First page of search engine and increase your business ROI. But do you think every SEO agency is effective? No! There are also some fake companies who promise to give the first page rankings and they will fail to do so. Because of this occurrence, you should first check their loyalty by asking them these top 5 questions. However, it helps to clear the relationship between the company and you that helps to choose the best one. Moreover, if you are planning to hire an SEO company, you should ask, these top common questions.

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1. Previous Clients and Rankings

How could you measure any company’s working style and effectiveness? From their previous clients. Right? Because, there are lots of companies who have been doing SEO for their clients, but not getting any success. However, to preserve your hard earned money and hire a trusted SEO agency, you should ask about their previous client’s rankings and website, by asking this you can measure the true scenario of the SEO agency. And if the allowable, you can ask to SEO agency for the phone number or any other contact details then along with the rankings you will aware of the company’s behavior. Normally, SEO agency mentions their clients on their company’s website, you need to check out the official website to check clients and their success story.

2. Business Goal & Strategy

Why are you hiring an SEO agency? To complete your business goal and increase your ROI, Right? So before hiring them, you should clear your business goal. It helps to measure your business success. Moreover, tell them about your business goal, and ask them which strategy they will choose and how much time they require to complete. After that, you will get a true idea about SEO agency, and you can decide whether you have to hire them or not. Moreover, if your business goal is country specific then tell them what strategy they will choose for your targeted country.

3. SEO Team Experience and Skills

It is not always faithful that SEO Agency you are hiring has an expert team because in some cases company is valuable but their SEO team member is not able to fulfill a need. So before going ahead, you should ask the SEO agency about their team member’s experience and skills, and you can also ask whether he had previously worked for their competitors or not. Moreover, if possible arrange the short interview with their team member so you can be familiar whether their team able to fulfill your goal or not. However, you can ask some common SEO questions related to your business niche by reading on the internet.

4. Reporting Time

It is a fact that SEO takes a time to work. It may get two months, three months or more that is mostly depending on competition and backlink. But before getting your budget wasted on fake activity, you should ask the SEO agency they will provide a weekly or monthly report or not. Using a report, you can compare improvements and measure your Business ROI. Also, it helps to know your position on stair among the competitors. Finally, before hiring an SEO agency you have to be clear about the reporting time period, and also ask them what they will include in the report.

5. Experience in Your Business Industry

Experience helps to stand front from others. For example, thinks you have two choices one is SEO agents who familiar about your industry and previously worked for your business category, and second SEO agent who is SEO expert but do not have knowledge about your industry then which one agency you will first prefer, of course, the skilled one because they have worked for your industry, so they are familiar with strategy, easily generate backlink, aware of target audience. In short experienced company helps to get a result in short times. So before hiring an SEO company, you need to ask whether it is experienced about your industry or not, and how they reached the success for that industry.

6. What After End of Contract

In the SEO, content marketing and strong backlink are primary that help you to stand you front of over other competitors, so before hiring SEO agents you should do clear that after contract period expire, or when you terminate the contract early, SEO agency will not remove your backlink and contents. So you after ending up with SEO agency your keywords would not be down, and not affect in ROI. Do not Worry, most of the companies not removing content or backlink but you have to be sure about it before hiring. So you can ask this question optionally, so they will awake from their side.


Above step help you to choose the best company according to your digital marketing requirements.  However, according my suggestion one of the reputed companies available it is GoingIT. It is leading company that offers SEO services in Melbourne at competitive price.

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