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5 Tips for Moms When Buying Children’s Clothes

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Most moms would have to agree that buying clothes for kids is fun!

The survey made by Lakeside Shopping Centre in West Thurrock says that 94% of mothers are spending more on their child’s wardrobe than their own. How cute a mother’s love is!

Can you remember the first time you bought your eldest’s clothes? I believe no one can express the excitement it gives the parents whenever they buy clothes for their kids and even before the baby arrived. Sure, there’s no shortage of cute and bubbly clothes out there. But when it comes to children’s wardrobe, the criterion is not just about how cute it is. Moms should always look for the quality of fabrics as well. Children’s skin can be a little sensitive so parents have to be very careful when purchasing clothes for their kids.

If purchasing children’s clothes is a new thing for you, try to rely on these tips to guide you on your first purchase.

Look for Quality Over Appearance

I’ve initially mentioned the thing about quality and I have to say it again to keep your reminded: Do not take advantage of the clothes’ appearance. Some clothes may appear nice but are not practical if they’re made from fabrics that can cause rubbing and irritation. Tulle fabric is an example. With a net-like texture, kids can feel uncomfortable wearing tulle-fabric clothes. For children’s garments, cotton is the most popular choice. It is soft, highly absorbent, and gentle against all types of skin.    

Wash Before The First Use

Not because clothes are new doesn’t mean they’re fresh and clean. Imagine how many people handled them before you. Some of them might be a carrier of communicable diseases. Plus, store-bought clothes can also have chemicals that can damage the child’s sensitive skin or can cause some severe reactions such as eczema and other related conditions. One of these chemicals, formaldehyde resins,  is commonly applied in fabrics to keep the garments wrinkle-free. For your child’s safety, make sure to wash the new clothes or even towels, linens, and other garments before the first use. Also, check washing instructions to prolong the quality of fabrics.

Do Not Choose Overwhelming Prices

Here’s a secret when purchasing seasonal clothes especially for winter: ALWAYS CONSIDER A BIGGER SIZE. Children can grow inches every year but winter coats can only last for one season. So, if you want to make the use of these clothes for at least two to three seasons, try to select bigger sizes to avoid outgrowing them.    

Do not choose overwhelming prices.

Like what I’ve said, children are always growing. Hence, buying clothes with overwhelming prices is never advisable since most children would only grow out of them in time. If quality is what concerns you, shoppers can still find high-quality fabrics at lower prices though. Try to check out the store’s clearance rack and see if you can find your matches. Clearance racks are always discounted but make sure to still check the quality, seams, and fastenings. Another tip is to shop off-season when clothes are relatively at lower prices. You can also compare prices while you shop.

Check Your Kid’s Preference Into Consideration

If one day you’ll take your kids on shopping, you can welcome their preferences when it comes to choosing clothes. Some toddlers start to develop their senses when it comes to wearing clothes. Safe clothes can be functional but they’re not so attractive sometimes. While mothers are always in favor of relaxed/streetwear clothing, asking your kids about your choice is crucial. This way makes them feel that their opinions do matter since they’re the ones to wear these clothes after all. 

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