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Smart Phone & Smart Borrowing: Both Go A Long Way

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21st Century is the age of internet and technology. Cars, cell phones, home appliances: everything runs on technology and internet. It has established itself in every little chore of our daily life.

Navigation. Booking Tickets. Cooking. Washing Clothes. Listening to Music. Movie Production. Delivering Goods. Ordering Necessities. You name it, and you know it cannot be done without the use of a piece of technology.

And the best part is that most of our basic needs can be covered just through a smart phone. You can order electronics, clothes, jewellery, collectibles, toys and what not, right through apps available on your phone. Technology even lets you operate your air conditioner, washing machine and refrigerator via a mobile phone app.

Smart Phone & Smart Borrowing

Even money can be sent and received without visiting a bank or handling any physical currency. Not just that, you can apply and get a loan through your smart phone too.

In fact, to buy a smartphone, you can opt for this smart borrowing method of online lending. The direct lenders now provide online loans like 12-month loans and no credit check loans.

Benefits of Smartphone

Small World

With the advent of technology, came multiple ways to contact a person. A Smartphone enables you to communicate via texts, voice calls and video calls with a person. You are free to send images and share videos of your experiences to the other person. This has made the world quite small with the liberty to connect with anyone across the world in anyway.


You no longer have to consult a dictionary, or read a book to know something. You no longer need phone numbers or addresses to know the answer to a query. The information of the entire world, even of what is happening right now is made available through the World Wide Web. Just a few clicks on your Smartphone give you the answer to the thought in your mind.


Gone are the days when you used a camera and waited for days to get the photos developed. Also gone are the days when you had to settle with bad and blurred pictures on your phone. The cameras in a Smartphone today give you real pictures with great colours and sharpness. You do not have to worry about clicking a thousand pictures either. Smartphones give you the option of capturing every experience of yours and you can always get them printed.


The experience does not just make your life easier, but provides you opportunities to learn too. Various apps in the store and videos available online help you study and learn concepts and skills. The videos teach everything from basic skills to advance level courses. You can learn anything ranging from crafts to machine learning through your smartphone. There are apps providing tuitions and solutions to even your homework.

Benefits of Smart Borrowing

Easy & Fast

Lending online through direct lenders is a much faster and easy process than taking a loan from traditional sources. The entire process of applying online takes less than an hour. There is minimal documentation required. The loan amount is generally disbursed within 24 hours of loan application. These short-term loans are very convenient to borrow and repay. They are easily available online across various websites like Amigo loans, Os money etc, and also via play store and app store apps.


The traditional sources have a hard time lending to borrowers with poor credit score, no guarantor, no employment and no steady source of income. This is not the case with the online lenders. They have plenty of options and deals in loans designed for every category of applicants. Your poor bad credit score can still get you a loan when you apply to a direct lender. With a multitude of lenders and their deals to choose from, the online lending community is a vast pool to choose your best option from.


Not only do you get various options to choose from, you also get to select from different repayment options. Everyone has a different financial condition, and the lenders have understood that over a decade. You get to choose if you wish to pay off your loan with your next pay cheque (payday loans), or in bits and pieces over the next few months (12 month loans). You get to decide whether you want the payments to be deducted from your bank account, or you want the cash repayments to be collected from your doorstep.

Credit Builder

As an added bonus to solving your temporary financial problem, these online loans help you build your credit score too. Taking a loan and repaying it on the pre-decided terms helps your credit history in a positive way. A responsible borrowing and repaying behaviour boosts your credit rating. In fact, some people take small loans from online lenders just to build their credit score. This is a smart technique to make yourself a suitable and reliable borrower when you need huge funds in the future.

Smart Beginnings

Smart phones are not cheap. They are expensive, but useful. Much of our efforts are saved through the tasks that can be completed using a Smartphone. While it is not always possible to afford one, you can be a smart borrower by availing an online loan. You can always pay back in instalments according to your convenience and finances.

Development in all fields is being done to make our lives easier and more comfortable. After the introduction of smart phones and direct lenders, lives of people have undergone great positive change. For every inconvenience, phone has a solution. And for every financial trouble, an online lender has a solution.

If you do not have a smartphone even today, you are missing out on something really big (unless you are Warren Buffett). It uncomplicates so many of our daily troubles and provides us the solution literally in our hands. Make use of this wonderful gift and make your life easier.

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