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Web Application Development- PHP vs. ASP.NET Which Is Better?

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These days web application development is done on a large scale using either PHP programming or ASP.NET.   Hypertext preprocessor or PHP is an open source software, free to download and use. ASP.NET is a paid web application framework provided by Microsoft Corporation. Both are meant for server-side scripting but PHP is platform independent while ASP.NET development environment is designed for windows. PHP is interpreted but ASP.NET is compiled. Web application developers prefer to learn and expertise in one of these with the work experience.

PHP vs. ASP.NET Which Is Better

Both the languages have awesome features to use so it is necessary to know about their relative advantages and disadvantages. PHP is easy to learn and the global market share of PHP web application development is much larger (57%) than ASP.NET (34%), still many of the developers are more comfortable with ASP.NET. So it is necessary to compare both of them so that we can know which is better for our purpose and the aspirants can also choose one of them to pursue a bright career in web application development.

 Comparison of PHP and ASP.NET:

1.  Speed and Performance

The speed and performance of a website do not depend on the programming language used but depend upon the database server and the available bandwidth. An ASP.NET code will not run unless it is totally error free while PHP is a bit flexible and hence easier for beginners to grasp.  The website of Microsoft corporation is made in ASP.NET while the website of social media giant  Facebook is made in PHP, so PHP sites also perform as good as ASP.NET sites.  

2.  Scalability

Both PHP and ASP.NET are highly scalable languages, so choosing an app development company having a team of experienced web app developers would be best for your project. PHP is the best choice for an entrepreneur willing to work with Drupal and it is relatively easy to understand for beginners.  PHP is very useful in accessing various types of databases and hence perfect for making website CMS.

 3. Support

 PHP being an open source platform has larger community and developers than ASP.NET.  Although both communities are active to provide an online support, it is more likely that you will get an answer to your question more quickly in PHP forums.

4. Web app development cost

The cost of website development using PHP is usually lesser than with ASP.NET because PHP software is absolutely free. Moreover, PHP is platform independent and can run on Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix operating system or any platform.  On the other hand, ASP.NET is paid and can run only on windows.

5. Ease of coding 

It is often said that coding in PHP is easier than ASP.NET. However, this statement is partially true. Core PHP is no doubt relatively much easier to understand than ASP.NET but what when you have to code for a customized plugin in WordPress.  The plugin coding syntax is not that easy and it requires a lot of expertise to create customized plugins.

ASP.NET has an edge over PHP in this regard since it’s object oriented coding similar to C++ is much easier to work with. This is the foremost reason that most of the .NET programmers are happy to choose ASP.NET rather than PHP.

6. Frameworks

There are many useful PHP frameworks available to solve a lot of purposes in various situations. The tools and   resources and tools available in various PHP frameworks facilitate quick development of big and complex web applications.  You can also get help from these frameworks while performing tasks like code reuse, database access libraries, and session management etc. Some of the widely used PHP frameworks include Symphony, Zend, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter.

The Microsoft.NET framework is very secure. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is used to handle the execution of NET programs and this virtual machine component of NET framework also facilitates memory & thread management, garbage collection, and exception handling.

  7. Choose PHP or ASP.NET?

Since PHP is free, web app development in PHP is easily affordable and suitable for Startups, small businesses, billing websites and CRMs. ASP.NET is more suitable for making enterprise web applications, enterprise CRMs, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) apps.

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