Top 5 PHP Development Frameworks For Web Developers 2020

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During the advent of PHP, not any framework was has been introduced. Everyone is using old techniques and creating a simple website by typing large codes. When time moves forward, several PHP frameworks introduced which altered the coding standard of PHP. So using PHP frameworks, it would be possible to create a large application with lesser code. Till the date, there are several PHP frameworks listed but some of the them become popular among PHP developers because of their extraordinary coding style and powerful features.

If you are a fresher developer and looking for the best framework, this list surely helps you to choose one of the best. Similarly, if you are experienced, here you will get an idea which frameworks are standing in front of others. However, from the features and details you can’t judge the framework for that you need to use them so suggesting you to read the features carefully then use any of them practically to get an true idea about the Framework.

After a long analysis and reviews of top most PHP developers, here we have presented  the top most used top 5 PHP development frameworks that are trending in 2020.

1. Laravel

Laravel is an open-source Free PHP framework founded 8 years ago by Taylor Otwell for the development of web applications under MIT license. It is the one only framework that has been popular among developers till the date, it comes with several powerful features such as restful routing, CSRF protection, intelligent error handling and other more creative features for web development.


  • MVC Architecture Support
  • Strong and Powerful Security
  • Database Migration System
  • Robust Tool Integration
  • Large Developer Community

2. Symfony

It is an opensource PHP framework used to develop modern web applications. One of the primary features of Symfony is, it has reusable PHP components which means you can use Symfony components in applications, independently from the framework. Moreover, using this framework you do not need to write the same code again and again that saves time and effort. After the Laravel framework, it is the second most used framework among the developers because it has a well-organized structure and clean code that proficient for building large and enterprise-level applications.


  • Model-View-Controller based Framework
  • Flexible URI routing
  • Large Forum Community
  • Best Session management
  • Reduces development time overhead
  • Error logging

3. CodeIgniter

It is MVC based framework, being popular among the developers because of their versatile and powerful features. Codeigniter performs effectively and rapidly well to build a dynamic application.  One of the finest quality of this framework is, it is the fastest framework because its core system using core libraries and other libraries stores upon the requirements so it is too fast.


  • Open-source PHP Framework
  • Fastest PHP Framework
  • Create an SEO Friendly URLs
  • Flexible URI Routing
  • Localization
  • Powerful Security


It is also a widely used PHP framework among web developers. Using a CakePHP you can make applications simpler and faster,  not need to enter the same code again and again. Moreover, It is Offering a flexible database access layer and powerful scaffolding system that perfect for building small and large enterprise applications. It is not only best for businesses but also popular amongst developers. Although there is lots of reason to choose CakePHP for website development, Here I have explained some of the amazing features that help you to make quick decisions to choose CakePHP.


  • Clean MVC Conventions
  • More Powerful and Secure
  • Easy to setup Database
  • Use code generation and scaffolding features
  • Robust Performance
  • Unique Testing Method

5. Yii

Yii is a fast, secure, and efficient PHP framework The new version of Yii 2 has lots of new features that make it popular among PHP developers. The Installation process is easy whether you are using for Windows, Mac or other operating systems. One of the primary advantage of using Yii is, it has powerful community support so you will not get confused at any stage of the development. Here I have mentioned the top features of YII frameworks.


  • Helps you write solid and secure code
  • Powerful API Code generation
  • Modern Testing Feature
  • High Security
  • Easy Error Handling & Logging
  • Layered Caching System


Here I have included all the necessary information, now you can read their features and benefits and try practically by installing them. These frameworks almost support all the operating systems. Install and use then you would get a precise idea about these frameworks. Although if you think I have missed something important then let me know under the comment section, later I will update them in the article.

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