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5 Most Trending JavaScript Frameworks In 2019

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You are here to know about top JavaScript frameworks, Right? To be the successful frontend developer, it is essential to know about the top JavaScript frameworks to create a robust and multifunction website or application.

In the list of old JavaScript frameworks some features and functionality become unused, and some of becoming popular among the developer, so such dramatically changes possible in the framework.

Each year, Stack Overflow is publishing programmer survey, so again in 2019 it has been published survey of top professional developers that shows authentic importance and popularity of JavaScript frameworks.

Among the most popular technologies professional developer mostly use a JavaScript. As you can view below in the Stack overflow 2018 survey report, 71.5% developer using a JavaScript and also it is number one under the programming technologies, so it is a great choice to choose JavaScript.

Not only programming technologies but in the list of libraries and frameworks,  JavaScript frameworks occupied the top three places as you can below in the stack overflow graph.

As you can view in the above developer survey, list of top frameworks and tools in which node.js, angular and react are standing on the first three places.

Now, let’s talk about these three frameworks and other popular frameworks that being number one according to the professional developer.

1. Node.js

Node.Js is an open source server-side scripting language, also it is  JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. You can use this framework to design server-side scripting language as well as configure APIs.

Node JS used by a popular website like Netflix, Airbnb, Twitter, PayPal, Wal-Mart, Yahoo! and more. So you can imagine its features and capability, so it is a good opportunity to choose a node as a JavaScript framework. Here are some important features that make, it the most widely used JavaScript framework.


  • Open Source JIT compiler that is written in C++
  • Super Fast and quick in code execution
  • Event mechanism helps the server to respond in a non-blocking way
  • Never need to buffer any data, it simply outputs the data
  • Node utilizes object pool, facade and factory design pattern
  • Follows Single Threaded with Event Loop Model


It is one of the best open source frameworks to create desktop, mobile, and native application. Angular helps to build mobile apps with strategies from Cordova, Ionic, or native script. It has powerful and smart IDEs that understand your code and auto-complete them, as well as it shows an error instantly.

Moreover, when you create an application using the angular, you can break one application into multiple components. Even you can track, process and display changes during the process of data binding. Here are some important features that give you more idea about angular js.


  • Excellent speed because of server-side rendering
  • Angular turn your theme into the code that increases the productivity
  • Help to quickly create  UI views and template syntax
  • Powerful Command line tools that help to instantly deploy
  • Create accessible applications with ARIA-enabled components


As React JS developed by Facebook you can imagine its popularity and features. It is a collection of JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Also, it is smart enough to efficiently update and render the right components when your data changes.

Moreover, the primary benefit is that component logic is written in JavaScript so you can easily pass the rich data through the app keeps the state out of the DOM. And you can also create your own features to fulfill your specific requirements.  To check its popularity, let’s talk about some important features.


  • Declarative views make your code easier and predictable
  • render() method takes input data and returns what to display
  • Using Props and state, you can make small to do application
  • Allows to interface with other libraries and frameworks
  • You can reuse components that save time


Vue js is also popular among the JavaScript framework to build user interfaces, its dual integration mode made popular among the developers. Not only in the application but it also helps to build APIs easily and free. It has a powerful ecosystem that scales between a library and a full-featured framework.

Moreover, the core library is focused on the view layer only, so it is easy to pick up and integrate with other libraries. Whatsoever if you are creating a single page application then Vue would be the best option when used in combination with modern tooling and supporting libraries.


  • Render data to the DOM using straightforward template syntax
  • Bind structure date of the DOM
  • Two Way data binding between form input
  • Build large-scale applications using large components
  • Building Vue JS components that register themselves as native custom elements


Meteor is an open source framework to build web, mobile, and desktop application. Primary benefit of the meteor is that you can easily integrate with other top frameworks. Moreover, you can use the same code in the different platform for android, ios, desktop and not need to create a native application. It contains all the necessary front-end and back-end components such as libraries and frameworks, libraries, tools and more that is the right option for the developer. Let’s talk about some important points of Meteor.


  • Isomorphic JavaScript Code
  • Contains all the necessary front-end and back-end components
  • You can use other JavaScript framework with meteor
  • It integrated live-browser reloading
  • Built-in package to handle user authentication


Here, we have seen top JavaScript frameworks and its features, now when you will use these frameworks you would be more aware. So it’s time to choose the best framework according to your requirements. I hope you will like these frameworks. If you have any suggestion or other top frameworks to add then mention below in the comment section, if it looks appropriate to me then I will add in the article.

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