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5 Best Practices For Retaining Top Performers At Your Firm

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Retaining your top and best performers nowadays has become a bigger concern for every potential organization. But, before directly getting into retaining the best, let’s discuss few points on how to attract this kind of talent? What are some basic and effective strategies to attract candidates towards your application which could become the best performers in the future?

The strategies are as follows-

  • Organizing campus drives for recruitment
  • Adopting less or flexible working hours at office
  • Staying active on social platforms for potential candidates
  • Practicing shorter interview rounds to avoid being ghosted
  • Leveraging your current employees

However, after investing so much of hard work and strategies into hiring them and later training them to achieving the goals of your organization, your definite expectations regarding the employees are that they will serve you for a good time haul thereafter. And, you truly deserve that! This is termed as performance management system.

Perhaps, there are instances where some of them unfortunately leave the organization or tend to, leaving your hopes and efforts at stand. Therefore, it becomes a necessary job to indulge in some easy and cost-effective practices in daily routine to keep the staff engaged, satisfied and stick around.

Well, we have collected some of such practices which could be performed in order to retain the top performers. They are as discussed below:

Explaining the Purpose

Talking about the new working generation, they really need to understand the purpose behind a company. The goal must be understood. And therefore the need of them to you must be cleared. This gives them a good reason and purpose behind staying in your company. Career growth- The other important subject for these talent base. What career opportunities do they have later in the future? And guaranteed professionalism skills. Failure to explain these could ensure huge turnover.

Offering Challenges

This step may seem odd to some of you. Offering challenging projects and difficulties would not seem a clever idea. Perhaps, this a proven and successful practice in keeping your good performing employees glued at the firm. Remember we are talking about the hard achievers. These type of employees often look for some challenges during their tenure and tend to learn and sharpen their skills. Boring work environment and repeating the same mundane tasks everyday forces them to look for any other company.

Rewarding what they deserve

The first and foremost thing you must do for your employee is rewarding them for their hard-work. Nothing can work better than recognizing them in front of entire crowd when it comes to rewarding them and keep motivated thereafter. There are a lot of ways of rewarding them. This may include perks, raises, or a creative idea being providing a special parking place or could be anything depending on your company resources and ability. And, Yes! They seriously deserve it.

Team Parties / Outings

Team building- A major requirement for improved productivity of any team. Team bonding and easy communication play a very important role when it comes to delivering the required results. The easiest way you can improve your bonding with each other is team outings like attending parties together and having frequent lunch with your team at some restaurant. Spending quality informal time with the team creates the required bonding.

Work – Life Balance

There exists no more than a couple of things which are preferred above the salary by an employee. One of those things is work-life balancing factor. Companies with comparatively lesser pay but expecting less working hours are mostly chosen on the companies with higher salary and long wok hours. It concludes that if you really want your performers to stay with you and don’t feel like hopping to another job, you really need to work on your work style. If providing less working hours is not your capability, work-from-home could be your solution.

The list will never end. There are so many minor and major things at your organization that affects the mind state of your employees. Also might affect it too much that it may also lead to decisions which will rise your employee turnover.

Last words

Depending on your company size and infrastructure, different types of practices can be adopted to see a gradual increase in employee retention and making your top performers to stay for longer period. Always keep this in mind- “It is very hard to get such employees, but not a tough job to hold them”. Clever moves and a little care is only what is needed.

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